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Steps to Connect HP PC to HDMI TV

Connecting HP PC to HDMI TV in few easy step

Attaching HDMI TV to your computer enables users to see pictures on the large screen and simultaneously streams online media files via broadband connectivity. You can watch movies; play music files, video games. However, connecting HDMI TV to the PC can be bit tricky if not guided with trained professionals. We bring you few tips on connecting HDMI TV to the PC.

Connecting HP PC to HDMI TV

  • Turn off the power of your computer and follow the cable that leads to monitor from CPU, the cable will be inserted in the output of video card, there will be another port directly linked next to it either DVI or VGA variety, nowadays most computer and laptops embedded with HDMI port.
  • Identify the HDMI output on your computer; you can connect HDMI port via cable to your TV. However, in case you have only one port, it cannot solely use for the video card, you have to buy a new video card. Purchase another DVI or HDMI output.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to your computer, install adaptor to your computer. Unless your computer has HDMI output, cords will also need to be connected from the sound card output to the HDMI video cable, because HDMI transmits both video and audio signals.
  • Reboot your PC and open the homepage, click on setting and select control panel, navigate the display setting, and click on change display setting, a manual list displays the screen resolution it supports. Click the resolution that supports to your system. Reboot your PC to apply these settings to your desktop.

Still puzzled? Talk to our technician at HP technical support and get complete manuals of connecting in one call.


How to Fix Speakers problem on HP Pavilion Laptop ?

HP is a pioneer in computers and laptop and one of the biggest manufactures in the world. By the time, the company releases many versions of laptop and faces controversies over it sound. Since the launch of HP pavilion laptop series, the problem continues, that leads to unsatisfactory customers. However, not all problems are manufacturing default; a little knowledge about its setting can resolve this quickly.

Best Sound on HP Pavilion Laptop

Firstly, make sure its sound is turned on, sometimes, we hit the mute button and expect for sound to be aired. Open audio- device center and make sure the speaker are turned on, or the applications which are playing video/audio files is up to date.

Check on the sound drivers, if they are functioning properly, click “start” and get into the control panel and then computer management to device manager. Locate sound management and video drivers, right click on the sound device and open properties, under the driver tab, you should able to read what driver is installed for your card or whether it functions properly.

Sometimes, external hardware creates the problem too, check if headphone jack works, if there is no sound coming out from your speaker, may be there might be the issue with a speaker or in a wire. In this case, try another speaker or headphone, plug out and again plug into your system. If still it doesn’t work, get a new speaker.

If still you find a problem after assessing everything, update sound drivers again, even if it says “ working properly” sometimes, it prompt a message but doesn’t work. Recover and Re-install HP laptop driver to confirm.

avoid tech support scams

Infographics : How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

Nowadays, tech support is on rise and has become the most popular service among the computer users. But just like everything, it also has a downside. You can also get in touch with our HP Customer support team to avoid tech support scams.

Tips to Avoid Tech Support Scams:

  1. Don’t trust any random call, it could be fake
  2. Always double check before giving remote access
  3. Always do a little back-ground search
  4. Never share your password details with anyone
  5. Apart from that the computer user can also file a complaint against the scam company

Just dial our toll-free number +1-800-297-9982 to connect with technical support expert for HP support.



HP Chromebook 11: should you buy?

HP Chromebook has distinguish specification’s as compares to contemporary HP notebook, In HP Chromebook 11, a substantial keyboard, solid build quality and cozy design steel the glimpse of an eye. Moreover, the Chromebook has some stiff competition from others long battery durable notebook, but what if you always carry power cable to charge. Let’s find out what is wrong and what is right? We analyze the machine on certain parameter that may help you on taking buying decision.


 the machine appears to be modern, two toned, color palette and rounded edges, the laptop lid is sleek dull black along with HP silver logo standing out, on upper left corner chrome logo embedded to texture finish, the jagged texture in behind make it handy while carrying. The notebook is robust that you can use it without intensive care. The weight is 2.1 pound that is much lighter then Lenovo and dell Chromebook.

HP Chromebook 11

Key board and touch pad

The keyboard provides fairly good typing experience; the keys are fairly spacious that gives enough room for the professionals on long day work. The keys have 1.3 millimeters of travel that is bit narrow as compare to others 1.5 mm machine. The touch pad is button less that may be painful for button lovers but that is found in most expensive laptops, however it’s a little smaller, sometime your finger can go out of the box while navigating the pages.


The antiglare display doesn’t stand out unlike other notebook in similar price band, still the colors are faded out, brightness and vibrancy is missing and when viewing angle is changed, it got more worsening situation. Lenovo and dell Chromebook steal the show in display specification.

Chromebook Display

Audio ports and webcam

The audio was fairly surprising as compares to the Lenovo and dell, the voice quality and loudness both are quite good in this price band. You can watch the movies and listen songs in loud manner. Bass is still missing but once you get on the headphone, you will get it. The webcam works as proportional to lighting, if there is enough light in office, camera captures flash and bright images, whereas as dim lights, Images are filthy, dark and unclear.


The base model comes up with 2 GB RAM that goes up to the 4 GB with Intel Celeron processor, the laptop vary on performance, but if RAM goes to 4 GB it stabilizes the speed. The laptop can perform better in multiple tabs working.  The HP Chromebook just barely lost out to the 100S in the Browser mark test, which simulates common browser actions like resizing a screen, loading pages and running intensive graphics. The 100S scored 2,393, compared to the Chromebook 11 G4’s 2,362. Both the Dell Chromebook 13 and the 13-inch Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35 scored higher.

Operating system and software’s

If this first time you are working on Chromebook, you are not going to find learning breakthrough here, basically, the OS is preloaded chrome browser added with well-designed trick, once you will synchronize account your account with |Goolge account, you will see bookmarks, extensions, and 100 GB of Google drive storage additionally.

Generally, Chromebook best suits for general office and document work, it is ideal from web browsing, streaming videos, and speaker, so better you asses your need before you buy. For more detail information on Chromebook speak with our associate for consultation or HP Chromebook repair related queries.

Installing SSD on your HP Notebook to boost the performance

Installing SSD on your HP Notebook to boost the performance

Doesn’t matter if your HP notebook is year older or brand new, upgrading solid state disk will radically advances its performance. With speed boost as high as 250 percent on multiple task will surely boost the work performance of your PC, unlike other mechanical drives, which uses tiny metal head rolls over the magnetic platter.

What do you need?

For installation of SSD in your HP Notebook and transfer the files over it, you need a Philips screwdriver, and external drive enclosure, and disc cloning software that allows you to connect the data. Enclosures start at less than $10 and serve the purpose of both connecting your SSD to the notebook for the initial copy and turning your old hard drive into an external backup disk once it has been.

Check Your Data

If you have SSD, enclosure, software, you are about to start upgrade, however, before you put hand on screw driver, you must ensure that your hard drive does not have more space in use then your SSD can hold. Once you are sure you have a space, follow below instructions:


Put your SSD into the enclosure

Put your SSD into the enclosure


Connect it via notebook’s USB port.


Launch Acronis Migrate Easy and select Clone Disk


Select external drive as a destination disk and click next and OK couple of times, if it is asked whether you wanted to delete or partition a disk, say yes and your computer will reboot and will take 20 minutes to an hour to copy the data.

Select external drive as a destination disk


Turn of the notebook once cloning process ends and unplug it to the power. Remove SSD from enclosure and place it in a safe place.


Now open the notebooks hard drive upgrade panel and hold it in one place. Normally, the upgrade panel lies in the bottom of notebook, however in few notebooks; it lies on side of chassis. Check user manual if you are unable to locate the panel.

open the notebooks hard drive


Swap mounting bracket old hard drive to new SSD


Boot to test SSD, if it does not detect the drive, reopen it and make sure SSD is connected to SATA port. If drive is connected but has no operating system, repeat the cloning process. Now put old drive to the enclosure and connect it to the notebook and use as a back up drive.

Video of HP Technical Support

Video of HP Technical Support Phone Number : How it Works?

Watch Latest Video of HP Technical Support Phone Number +1-800-297-9982 That How HP Tech Support Team Works.

If you need tech help for HP products or you are facing any HP products issue with your HP PC, Computer, Laptop, Printer, Scanner and Tablet.Subscribe and Watch HP technical support latest video to know that how tech support expert works for your query. If you are unable to fix your HP products issues, Just dial mention toll-free number +1-800-297-9982 of HP Customer Support team to connect with techies. Our Tech Support experts are always ready to help you.