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How to Fix HP Scanner Related Problems?

Scanning with HP scanner is not only an enjoying experience but it also gives quality digital prints for scanning various types of documents. Nowadays, HP scanning facility comes with printers that provides two-in-one facility for multiple purpose use through a single device.

However, due to multi-functional technology sometimes HP devices show technical errors creating a problematic situation for end-users. But if you put some efforts you can solve many common errors of HP scanner. Below a right process has been discussed to fix such issues.

How to fix HP scanner problems

Restart and Check Driver Settings

When you face an issue while scanning your document, once restart your printer and scanning setting through driver. Check connection status, settings, and preferences, if you not find you printer name, download and install HP scanner drivers.

Check Printer Connection and Check the Network

Check the network and make sure your printer is well-connected with network. If it is connected through wired network check the cable connected through Ethernet port and green light should be on and orange light should continuously blink.

Uninstall and Reinstall Printer Software

Sometimes due to damaged driver or old version of printer software, HP scanning occurs. Hence, you need help for HP scanner repair of driver to uninstall and reinstall the software with the latest version to enjoy uninterrupted scanning.

Check Windows Acquisition Settings

Windows operating system based computers get a service called Windows Image Acquisition that helps to communicate between the computer and scanners, but if it is not enabled you cannot scan any document from your HP scanner.

Run Print and Scan Doctor Tool

HP provides a free tool to its computer and laptops users to troubleshoot the printing or scanning related issues. If your system not has this tool, then download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor to automatically perform HP scanner troubleshooting process to solve the actual problem. If you need any assistance, you can call to HP scanner support phone number +1-800-297-9982 and get online assistance to fix the error professionally.

HP Wireless Printer Support

How to Secure HP Wireless Printer for Safe Use?

Printers are now offering wireless printing accessibility to connect any compatible device and get out prints as per the needs. But such free access also invites unauthorized users who can misuse your device or access wireless network with other motives.

Securing W-Fi printer connection is very important to avoid wastage of paper due to unauthorized use and secure the accessibility of entire network connected with the device. You can find below how to secure HP wireless printer for safe printing solution.

How to Secure HP Wireless Printer for Safe Use

Protect Your Printer with Password

The first thing when you install and setup your HP wireless printer is protect your printer password. Get the access through admin control and assign a password to connect with this printer. You can take HP printer customer support to enable password and restrict the use of your printer to reduce unnecessary printing and secure device.

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Update HP Printer Driver for Safe Running

New updates come often which should be installed by every users to stay safe and run with better speed. Developers keep improving the security features of HP device and fix the security holes that can allow hackers to misuse such free network. To update the driver you can take HP printer repair offered by computer technicians.

Secure the Network of Your Wi-Fi Printer  

Another effective technique of protecting your HP wireless printer is secured your wireless network connected with W-Fi device and computer system. To protect your printer network you can connect your printer with highly encrypted server connected with your printer. However, for wireless connection issues HP printer support is open.

Encrypt Your Wireless Access Traffic

You can also secure your printer for securing the encrypted connection that also help users intercepting jobs on network. You can encrypt SSL/TLS, IPsec, and other encryption methods to secure the Wi-Fi printer devices. For protected encryption you have to get in touch with HP printer support services to set the printer for safe use.