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Stop HP Computer from Overheating

How to Stop HP Computer from Overheating?

Laptop overheating is one of the most common issues among the users across the world. HP laptops showing overheating issues need to be fixed timely to avoid any kind of major problems. Actually, heating is a normal phenomenon affecting the performance of laptops, but overheating is a concerning factor needs to be fixed timely to avoid any kind of major faults. Below we have mentioned few steps that prevent HP laptops from overheating problem.

Update HP Software and Drivers

Outdated drivers and system software slowdowns the speed of HP laptop that causes overheating issues. Hence, always keep your system update with latest driver and software as per system compatibility and hardware configuration.

Clean Vents and Fan Chamber

When dust particles accumulated on vents, the flow of air obstructed causing overheating of processer. Hence, clean these areas with recommended tools and allow free-flow of air through vents that will keep your HP laptop cool. And if you face any kind of technical problem you can consult with HP customer support to repair fan.  

Avoid Playing Games for Long Hours

Playing high definition games increase the work load of the processer and graphic card. And if you play games for long hours, your laptop will definitely overheats. Take a break and let’s cool down your laptop for restoring the speed and calm down its processer. And to play games nonstop you should have well-supported graphic card.

Keep Laptop at Hard and Flat Surface

Keeping HP laptop on bed, couch, blanket or other textile surface blocks the air flow through vents causing overheating of laptop. Always keep your laptop at hard and flat surface area like table, desk and laptop stand that will also give a right positioning for smooth typing on keyboard and also allow a fully ventilated air flow through vents.

Use Laptop at Normal Room Temperature

Operating laptop in high temperature room will also rise the temperature of your HP laptop. Hence, always use your laptop at ambient atmosphere to maintain heat. In case of overheating you can keep your HP laptop at room with low temperature and if you face any kind of technical problem you can call to HP computer support number +1-800-297-9982 .

Remove Paper Jam from HP Laser Jet Printer

How to Remove Paper Jam from HP Laser Jet Printer?

HP Laser Jet printer facing paper jam issue should be handled with care to avoid such problems again in near future. Actually, when you give print command, due to some technical reason, paper stuck into the spooler and not moves further. To Remove Paper Jam from HP Laser Jet Printer and avoid such issues follow the instructions given below.

Steps to Remove Paper Jam from HP Laser Jet Printer

How to Remove Paper Jam from HP Laser Jet Printer

Check Paper Tray and Remove Trapped Paper

Examine the paper tray carefully and remove the paper stuck there. If you find any loose paper remove that also, it will further stuck while printing the document. To remove the paper resume the button hold the paper sheet by both hands to pull it out carefully, don’t use sudden jerk, otherwise paper will tear out and it would become difficult to remove the torn part. Never lift the front cover to pull jammed paper from LaserJet printer.

Remove Jammed Paper from the Back of Printer

If you not able to pull paper from tray, then use rear access door to clear the jammed paper. The back of the printer have rear access door or two-sided printing accessory to remove papers. However, if you face any kind of technical problem you can get help of HP printer tech support to understand the actual specification of printer.   

Use Front Cover to Remove Jammed Paper

If you face problem while removing paper from back side, you can also try front cover to remove jammed paper in HP printer. Open the front cover and hold the paper and pull it out slowly, and if still there is problem, it means there is a major issue creating paper jam problem for HP LaserJet printers at every level with major fault risk.

Ensure the Smooth Movement of Carriage

For uninterrupted movement of paper in HP printer or avoid paper jam issue, check the printer carriage that moves papers from one side to other side. Free movement of printer carriage helps to avoid paper jam issues faced by HP printers. HP printer technical support offers customer assistance to fix such issues carefully.

Reloading and Testing of Printer for Restart

When you successfully remove paper from your HP printer, check the printer whether it’s working properly or not. Now reload the printer with recommended paper and perform self-test to check the functionality of printing process without any issue. However, if you still face paper jam issue, you can contact HP printer technical support phone number +1-800-297-9982 to check the problem at professional level and apply permanent solution.    

Fix HP Laptop Wireless Connection Issue

How to Fix HP Laptop Wireless Connection Issue?

Wireless connection in laptop or computers facilitates to connect from other gadgets or Wi-Fi internet router. It is a hassle-free connectivity feature now comes almost with all range of laptops including HP netbooks and portable computers.

However, uncertain errors can disturb the wireless connectivity of HP laptop. Either you will not able to connect or lose connection very often frustrating you to get rid of this situation as soon as possible. Here below, we brought a right troubleshooting process for HP wireless problem.

Run Auto Troubleshooting on your System

HP laptops running on Microsoft windows are equipped with advance tools that allows system to run self-troubleshooting process to fix wireless related multiple issues. However, if your system is running on windows 7, then you can take help by HP computer support as it has special code that is especially designed for HP computers.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Wireless Network Adapter Driver

Uninstall and reinstall the wireless network adopter driver that will help you to remove registry values and restore the configurations as per the recommended settings. This process helps to rest wireless network related all the settings accused by the windows. But it would be better if you take help of tech professionals to do this job.

Update Wireless Network Drivers  

Sometimes outdated drivers create wireless network related various issues. But downloading and installing the latest driver of wireless adapter can solve wireless connectivity related problems. And if there is a problem with irregular connection drop with wireless internet, updating the driver with HP support resolve such issues.

Resetting Hardware Connections

If wireless connection at hardware end is not properly installed, you will face connectivity problem. Check the combination of your wireless router and wireless modem, unplug and plug again the power cord, and if your router is connected with separate broadband modem, unplug the power cord to ensure the proper hardware connection. If all these issues not solved then, call to HP customer support number +1-800-297-9982 for quick help.