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HP Error

How To Fix HP Printer Error Code OX83C0000A?

The error in HP devices is basically a NOS LOADER APP issue which indicates that there is a HP printer failure.  Users performing factory default settings can also receive this error as a “nos loader app” message.  While this error occurs, the printer will remain in unresponsive state because the code will continue to appear on screen. Well, we have solutions to Fix HP Printer Error Code OX83C0000A .


Solutions to hp envy 4500 error code 0x83c0000a nos_loader_app

Solution 1: Starting the printer

  • With you have turned on the printer device, they are requested to disconnect the power cord from the rear point of the printer.
  • The next thing is to unplug the power cord from the wall outlet itself.
  • Users are required to remove the USB cable if it is connected to the device.
  • Wait for a while like 2-3 minutes and press for some time to hold the power button of the HP printer. It should be done for approximately 30 seconds to easily remove any kind of additional charge.
  • Now plug in the power cable back to the wall outlet without any surge protector attached. Also there is an alternate option where you will come across extension cord. Now, simply plug back the power cord to the printer.
  • Turn on the printer and users are needed to wait till warm-up period finishes its process. Just have a check that the printer device is in idle state.
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Solution 2: Try This Solutions if You are Not Satisfied with the Above one

This one is another solution explained by HP Tech Support professionals

  • While you have kept the printer in “ON” mode, users are advised to unplug the power cord from back of the printer and then from the Computer.
  • Now, power off the Wireless Router to go ahead with removing the error code.
  • Wait at-least for 60 seconds and then, plug in the power cord to the printer device only.
  • Check for any type error whether they are still existing in the printer
  • Now carefully power on the Wireless router.
  • Check whether the error still exists or not.


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How To Fix HP Envy 4500 Error Code OX83C0000A?

This is a NOS LOADER APP issue caused in HP Envy printers because of paper jam issues, damaged debris problems as well as dirty encoder strips that are inside the printer. Also the problem may arise due to hardware issues. Startup problems can also put users in this issue. We have discussed steps to fix HP Envy 4500 error code OX83C0000A that are quite easy to understand for users.

Steps to fix HP Envy 4500 error code OX83C0000A

Step 1: Connecting the printer

  • According to guidelines by HP Tech Support professionals, users need to disconnect the printer if any fax as well as USB cable is connected to the unit. Turn on the printer if it is not in online state.
  • With your printer turned on, simply disconnect the power cord carefully from the rear point of the printer.
  • Unplug the power cable from the wall outlet.
  • Now, just wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • Plug the printer device back into the power cord which should be attached into the wall outlet.

Step 2: Reconnecting the printer now

  • Users are now suggested to reconnect the power cord to the rear side of the printer device.
  • Now, just turn on the printer, if it does not seems to be automatically connected. It is possible that your printer will go through a warm-up mode
    at last, simply wait until the warm-up period is completely finished and is in idle state or in silent mode before you proceed further.

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HP Error

How To Fix HP Recovery Manager Error Code FFFFFF15?

The current era is experiencing an increasing demand for getting the advanced technological features. Thus, it can easily be the most progressive of all the ages, at least in terms of technology. HP is one such brand that makes use of the cutting-edge technology and trendy designs. There would have been an overall fair experience using the HP products, especially with its computers and laptops. But the HP Recovery Manager Error Code FFFFFF15 is a severe obstacle in the successful running of the HP laptops and desktop devices.

So, the very basic question that may arise in your mind is what possibly could you do to resolve the above error?  Or, more importantly, what could be the exacting factors behind the occurrence of such an error.

Thus, to your valuable concern regarding the resettlement of the HP recovery mode, we are here. Our team has successfully put forth a range of suggestions that might play an effective role in sorting the issue out.

You may look out for the other random techniques from some local sites on the internet. But always check whether the websites that you are peeking in are authentic. Thus, there is hardly any surety that you could be able to get the result that you were searching for. On the other hand, we do not brag about our genuine. It reflects in our support and services and is also reflected in the smiles of our loyal customers.

The error is basically an issue with the HP Recovery Manager which has failed while users were trying to restore their backup files from a stick USB. It also occurs when users are making an attempt to restore backup files and they are encountered with the following pop-up message displayed as a “Problem Trying To Restore Your Back Up Files”. This error which is executing is also caused because of virus issues, corrupt file problems and due to hardware issues which define problems in the start-up phase. While the error “FFFFFF15″ occurs, another message also pops up by saying: “HP Recovery Manager failed. Error code = 7B”. So, here we have solutions to Fix HP Recovery Manager Error Code FFFFFF15.

HP Recovery Manager | What Is It About?

The HP recovery manager error is an issue related to the restoration management of HP. The error notifies you when your computing device (desktop or laptop) fails to execute a backup. As a result, your device mostly malfunctions when it comes to supporting the files and documents from a flash media storage or pen drives.

The failure of the HP recovery code generally appears simultaneously with the arrival of  FFFFFF15 code on the screen.

Well, this was a brief outlook to get a general know-how of the source of the error. However, there is a log of radical solutions to act as the replacement source for the shortcoming as mentioned earlier.


Steps to Troubleshoot Fix HP Recovery Manager Error Code FFFFFF15

Step 1: Entering Your Details

  • The first step is to click the “Start” icon, type the “CMD” command in the “Start Search” box and right-click on the “cmd” text which is appearing in the “Programs list” section.
  • Click the “Run as administrator” icon and when prompted for an administrator password or confirmation process, simply type the password and click the “Continue” icon.
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Step 2: Restart the Computer Device

  • In the command prompt section, just type the “Chkdsk /f” icon and then press the “enter” icon
    Press the “Y” icon when users are prompted to have a check for the disk which will just take in progress after your system will restart.
  • Close all of the applications now and then restart the PC. It is to be taken into consideration that while you are in moving for restart process, Windows will start checking for the disk for this particular error and various other issue and then will start completely.
  • After your PC device has restarted, simply try to restore all your backup files from the recovery manager section.

I hope you will be able to solve out this error code. But we recommend users to reach us if they are still stuck in the same problem and is facing other related issues.

Try This HP Recovery Manager Error Code FFFFFF15 Procedure If above one is not Working:

To provide a radical aid to your technical grievance, our experts have incorporated a number of solution. Therefore, you can simply go through the solutions and get your error fixed sooner than you have expected.

Procedure 1:

Carry out a clean reboot.

Examine how to troubleshoot the error in the Windows Vista or the Windows version 7.

To execute the clear boot-up of the Windows operating system, log on to your device by clicking the administrator log. It will enable you to perform the boot. There might be a temporary disruption of some of the features of your computer. However, as your device is switched back on in the normal mode, it will eventually return to its previous functionalities.

But there is a possibility of receiving the original error alert. You may even encounter the real behavior of failure if the error still subsists.

Procedure 2:

Run a verification disk and check.

Select the start button and then click it. Then enter the “cmd” command in the search bar. Do the right-click over the “cmd” command from the programming list.  Now, process the administration.

You will receive a prompt that will ask you to give a password for administration or the confirmation. So, accordingly, enter the password or move on to the continue button.

Enter “Chkdsk/f” at the command prompt and click OK on it. Hold on to the “Y” button from the keyboard to verify the disk further. Then, shut down all the applications and switch on your computer once again. After reboot, try to recover all the files and data on your HP device.

It is important to have an account of the fact that Microsoft does not instruct to interrupt the CHKDSK procedure. It neither gives a warranty of the disk integrity if the CHKDSK programming is disturbed. To safeguard your computer documents, run the restoration using the CHKDSK command.

These are some of the effective suggestions that can treat the HP Recovery Manager Error Code FFFFFF15.HP-Customer-Support-Phone-Number1

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HP Printer Errors

How To Fix HP Officejet 4630 Printer Error OXB8668B28 Code?

The error code generally executes due to blinking issue in the HP Officejet 4630 Printer.  Users come across this problems when users are trying to print few documents and they find it as unresponsive. So, even if users have turned off the printer device and have reset it, it won’t solve the problem. Well, another thing which users mainly choose to go for to get rid of this issue is they try to reprint all their documents and still they find them unresponsive. Further they will comes across this error code with the ‘on/off’ button flashing repeatedly. Well, we have solutions below for you to Fix HP Officejet 4630 Printer Error OXB8668B28 Code that are effective to apply.


Solutions to Troubleshoot Fix HP Officejet 4630 Printer Error OXB8668B28 Code

Solution 1: Temporarily unplug the USB cable

  • Firstly, users are requested to perform a hard reset process to check whether it fixes up the problems or not?
  • Leave the printer on and then, unplug the power cable from your printer device as well as from the wall outlet for at-least 60 seconds.
  • The next thing is to reconnect the power cable into the printer and to the wall outlet. Be careful not to connect it to the surge protector. This is done to ensure that the printer is receiving full power supply Make sure the printer is well connected directly to a wall outlet to ensure that the printer is receiving full power.
  • Try another power outlet/room to eliminate any power connecting issues as well as surge protector problems.
  • Work with another power cable if needed
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Solution 2: This solution Calls for a Semi-Full Reset Process

  • Check whether you have a flashing screen or not?
  • Change the settings which is an optional one
  • Now, restart the printer and update the printer firmware
  • Plug in the printer device directly into a power outlet and ensure that other devices are not at all interfering with your device.
  • Plug in the printer into a different electrical outlet carefully
  • Replace the power module and at last, service the printer

If you are still facing the problem then, we recommend you to get connected to our technicians at below mentioned details


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Fix HP 2000 Notebook Error 0xc0000185

How To Fix HP 2000 Notebook Error Code 0xc0000185?

HP notebooks are quite renowned among people across the world due to its strong functionality delivered to users. But error can happen anytime. This is a type of error code which usually executes due to BIOS failure in the HP systems. These are common issues that execute in the system while users are in the middle of something important task. Below we have discussed steps to fix HP 2000 Notebook error 0xc0000185 with appropriate explanations.

 HP 2000 Notebook Error 0xc0000185

Steps to troubleshoot HP 2000 Notebook error 0xc0000185

Step 1: Recover your BIOS with a press combination

  • Turn off the notebook first and then plug it into the power with the help of power adapter.
  • Press and hold the Windows logo key for a while as well as the B key.
  • Press and hold the Power button which is located on the computer for at-least 2 to 3 seconds, and release it but make sure that you are holding the Windows logo key  as well as the B key till you get the HP BIOS update screen
  • Tap the “Continue Startup” iconto get a prompt message of restart the computer while allowing the notebook to restart when the timer reaches zero. Press the enter key now
  • Follow all on-screen instructions for boot process

Step 2: Download the replacement BIOS file

  • Go to the appropriate HP website and type the model number of the notebook.  Enter the HP product name and the serial number.
  • The Software and the driver’s result page will be displayed while ensuring that the “Detected operating system” is found to be accurate. Click the “Change” icon by selecting your choice operating system as well as its version. Tap the ‘Change’ icon now.
  • Click the “BIOS” icon now.
  • Click the “Download” icon which is just next to the BIOS update file, and save it

Step 3: Create a fresh recovery flash drive of the BIOS system

  • Connect to a blank flash drive to your computer and then navigate to the BIOS file which you have just downloaded. Double-click on that file.
  • Click the “Next” icon and select the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and tap the “Next” icon.
  • Now, choose to remove or not to remove all the files from the flash drive after you have recovered the BIOS. Click the “Next” icon now.
  • Select the “Create Recovery USB flash drive” option and then click the “Next” icon
  • Choose the flash drive by clicking on it and hit the ‘Next” button.
  • Tap the “finish” icon now and then, remove the flash drive from the computer. at last, just recover the BIOS with the help of recovery flash drive

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How To Fix HP 10.XX.YY Error Code

How To Fix HP 10.XX.YY Error Code

This is generally a supply error in HP devices which occurs when the chip on printer cartridges are not being read by the printer easily. The error code will generate on few of the HP printers. While this issues generates, the printer in incapable of writing as well as reading to at least one print cartridge memory tag. Users can also get this error code when one memory tag is completely missing. Solutions are given below to fix HP 10.XX.YY error code with proper explanation.

Fix HP 10.XX.YY Error Code

Solutions to troubleshoot HP 10.XX.YY error code

Solution 1: try this solution to remove the error code

Users who are working with HP models can wait for a minute or two. The next thing will be to press the pause button or then, click on the “check button” to completely clear the error completely and allow the printer device to back to its normal working mode.

Solution 2: Try our second solution if the first one did not solve your problem

Remove, install or reinstall a new HP print cartridge and perform the below instruction:

Note that the position of the e-label of the print cartridge is in the cartridge cavity. Users are needed to remove the print cartridge to ensure that the reader element is moving freely and the contact drops into its accurate place as the door is completely closed.  Now, if users have purchased a genuine HP supply, then they should navigate to the appropriate website for genuine information. At last, click on the “OK” button to continue next.

I hope all your issues will be solved as we have shown you all possible solutions above. If still the error code exists then, do approach us at below contact details.

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