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How To Fix Printer In Error State Problem | Get Expert Assistance

When you are using an HP Printer, it is possible that you might face problems like Printer in Error State issue. This situation generally happens after your device gets an update and affects the associated equipment. It becomes very annoying for the users if they cannot get the prints when required. When this error strikes the printer, then the device also starts experiencing issues with the installation and uninstallation of applications.

Mostly the system hangs or freezes unexpectedly. This error with the printer comes across with a  pop-up message. It lets the users know that the printer is not working properly. If you are also facing the same issue, then go through this guide and learn how to fix the error with HP printers.

Printer in Error State

Reasons For Printer In Error State

After analyzing the error, we can ascertain the problem is triggered by update related issues. This upgradation changes the configuration of the Operating System as well as the applications

installed in the order. If the printer doesn’t fit with the setup of the latest update, then it stops working.

The error can also effect because of problems of the WiFi to connect with the printer. It can be because of the broadband issues, or even for WiFi settings. The problem becomes so vast that the computer faces installation error and freezes suddenly. If the issue with the HP printer continues then, it could lead your device to corrupt.

Ways to Resolve Printer In Error State

  • Use System Troubleshooter

The error with the HP printer occurs with a message stating that the printer has some mistake. To start with the procedure first of all guarantee that your HP printer is connected to a power supply. See if the USB cables are connected properly. When after all the checkings if still the error occurs then straightway run the system troubleshooter. Let the troubleshooter run and scan the device. This scanning process will identify the issue and once recognized then eliminate them.

  • Update The Driver Manager

If the error is still not resolved, then update the drivers. To start the process, open the device and then click on the Start menu. Choose Device Manager and click on Expand Printer option. Right-click on Update Driver to start the process. Restart the device and check if the error exists.

  • Review The Wi-Fi

After going through the above steps if the “ printer in error state” issue is yet not solved then troubleshoot the wifi. Check if the WiFi is working and the connections are secured. Restart the device after and check again.

Select The Use Printer Online

Tap the Windows and X keys at the same time. Open the Control panel and then select Devices and Printers. Select Printer and scroll till you find “Offline” mode. Click on “Ready” and then set the printer online. Then save the changes.

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