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How To Fix HP Color LaserJet 50.1 Fuser Error? Easy Troubleshoots

Fix HP Color LaserJet 50.1 Fuser ErrorThe 50.1 fuser error means that the thermistors which is inside your fuser have sent a signal to the DC controller about the temperature being too low which is needed to properly bond the toner to the paper. Fix HP Color LaserJet 50.1 fuser error to avoid poor print quality and paper jam issues in future. However when this happens, machine will shut down by displaying error on the control panel.


Well, it is suggested to try to turn off the machine and switch on it again. Secondly users should verify whether the machine is plugged into a wall outlet properly or not? Finally, turn off the machine and wait for 10 to 20 minutes. These are guidelines suggested by users but below have detailed troubleshooting steps to get rid of this error code.

Steps to Fix HP Color LaserJet 50.1 Fuser Error are as follows:

Step 1: Turn off the printer and then, open up the top cover. Try to grasp up all purple handles which is there on the fuser. Now, remove carefully the old fuser from the printer device and install the new fuser. RM1-3131-000 or Q7502A. Close the top cover as suggested by HP Printer Support technical team.

Step 2: To Troubleshoot HP Color LaserJet fuser error, switch off the printer device and allow it to cool down for few seconds. Now, reinstall the fuser and perform a proper check whether the connector (J5001) is well connected to the fuser as well as with your printer device.

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Replace these connectors if it is found to completely damaged. Replace your fuser. RM1-3131-000 now and have check on all cable connections to/from the DC controller. At last, users are advised to replace the low-voltage power supply PCB.


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