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How to Protect Your System From the WannaCry Ransomware Attack ?

Before we move for solutions on Protect Your System From the WannaCry Ransomware Attack, users should first know about its concept. A Ransomware is a malicious computer program which restricts users from accessing their systems, files while demanding high payments of a ransom. As this is the only way to regain access. Whereas Wanna Cry-Ransomware works with a sophisticated encryption algorithm to easily code all files of an attacked system. So, below are solutions, our tech support professionals have explained ways to get rid of the issue in easy ways.

Protect Your System From the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Effective ways to Protect Your System from the WannaCry Ransomware Attack:

Way 1: Dos to prevent attacks of Wanna Cry Ransomware are as given below:

  • HP Computer Support technicians have suggested users to perform a regular search for all the available latest software.
  • Secondly, an advanced antivirus software should be installed into their system because it augments high level of protection against all sorts of malware as well as other dangerous hacks.

Way 2: Don’ts for keeping the system safe from Wanna Cry Ransomware:

  • If possible, it is recommended for users to avoid working with the older and any unsupported version of the operating system because no security fixes are created for them
  • The next thing which needs to be kept in mind is that not to browse web without activating a proper antivirus protection. This is because cyber criminals will generally hide exploit programs in the codes of popular websites. 

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Easy Way to Fix PCL XL Error Kernel Missing Attribute in HP Printer

Hewlett Packard, shortened as HP is an American multinational company which deals with information technology. It is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Due to its amazing product quality, it is accepted as the brand for electronic devices across the globe. It deals with various hardware and software components. HP printers are renowned for their awesome performance.

Despite the awesome performance of HP printers, users might face difficulty in using them. Problems can be minor as well as major. Kernel problem occurs if there is an issue with the printer driver. Are you unable to Fix PCL XL Error Kernel Missing Attribute in HP Printer, do not delay in contacting our experts.

PCL XL Error

Below is a list of troubleshooting steps required to resolve kernel issues

Our team consists of members who have in-depth knowledge about the printing fundamentals. Therefore we do not want you to suffer due to printing errors. PCL XL Error is a common occurrence. The techniques for resolving this issue is complicated but not impossible. Hence, follow the steps mentioned below to continue with a smooth printing session:

  • Users can easily connect their personal computer with their printer with an IEEE-1284 cable
  • Users need to disable high speed and advanced features
  • Press the menu key in the printer display
  • Press Item key from the I/O menu
  • Make sure you see Parallel High Speed=Yes
  • Press the value key
  • Press the select key
  • Press the item key
  • Again press the value key
  • Press the select key again

Update your printer driver,

  • Users need to use another printer driver
  • Remove the memory chips

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Dial our HP Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for Help

hp printer support

Users would never want to hamper their printing experience due to kernel issues. Therefore, it is mandatory for you reach us at our HP Support. Ping us today.

Fix Error OXC4EB827F In HP Envy 4500 Printer

How to Fix HP Envy 4500 Printer Error OXC4EB827F?

The HP Envy Printer 4500 Error Code OXC4EB827F occurs due to excessive interruption of corrupted registry entries in the system. This error signifies serious HP Envy printer technical glitches that are a result of unwanted debris, critical paper jam, damaged rails, out of place purge assembly/wiper problems, or it may even happen due to dirty as well as dislocated encoder strips for actual hardware defect. On the other hand, it is found that such issues with the HP Envy 4500 printer machine is considered as a difficult problem.  Our professional team has spent hours to know the proper solution of this error and hence we are here to discuss steps to fix error OXC4EB827F in HP Envy 4500 Printer.

Steps to troubleshoot error OXC4EB827F in HP Envy 4500 Printer


Step 1: Removal of the ink cartridge

  • When you are turning on the printer, make sure that to remove the ink cartridge and then unplug the power cord which you have connected from the back of the printer.

Step 2: Shut down the device

  • Next, to resolve the matter further, simply shut down the computer device on which you are working.
  • Now power off the wireless router which you are currently using
  • Next, users are advised to wait at-least for 60 seconds

Step 3: Plug-in the power cord

  • Now simply plug in your printer power cord straight to the back of the printer device.
  • You are required to install all cartridges when asked. 

Step 4: Creating a back-up copy

  • Here, one needs to create a back up copy 

Step 5: Turn on the printer

  • Next, power on your computer device and then, turn the wireless router on
  • You need to make an attempt to print documents.

I hope all the above mentioned steps will solve your error issue in HP Envy printer. If this error still persists then, proceed to below contact details.

Contact our HP Printer Support Number for rectifying all issues of HP printers faster!


Dial us at HP Printer Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for faster response to get your issues fixed up immediately without any delay. We are available for our customers 24*7 hours to assist them in overcoming related HP printer issues by delivering them world-class solutions that are matched according to industry trends. Our unique services make us the most distinguished brand from others.

HP Computer Update Error 9997

How To Fix HP Computer Update Error 9997?

This is an issue which will appear on HP computers when the system does not meet requirements. At this point of time, your update will be cancelled. So, Fix HP Computer update error 9997 with our expert guidelines available at our end. To know more about this problem, let us move ahead. The problem will arise also arise when users have a different system versions. Users need to install the latest versions if available.

Steps to fix HP Computer update error 9997 are

HP Computer Update Error 9997

Step 1: If you are sure that the system is as per the latest version but still the problem is there then, sure. Your system does not have the requirement.

Step 2: go and select the hard drive of the computer and choose “OK” button

Step 3: To fix HP Computer error 9997, go for a disk clean-up system mode so that you can determine the space.

Step 4: select “temporary files” button and click “OK” option. Users need to wait for the process to finish its task

Step 5: the next thing is to restart your computer device and install all updates

Step 6: clean up your hard drive to eradicate the issue without any problem

Step 7: check and tap “start” button and navigate to “all programs” icon. Click “accessories” option and tap on “system tools” button. Continue with the “disk clean-up” mode.

That’s all. But still if this issue is there then, connect with our expert HP Computer Support technicians to remove all error code at your desk.

Get our 24/7 hours assistance to resolve all HP computer issues at your desk!


We are group of expert technicians who are available at HP Computer Support Number +1-800-297-9982 to bring customers future effective solutions as and when in need. Our technical team is always there to extend their helping hand to help customers overcome the problem at a go. So, place calls at our end and get responses instantly right at your desk.


How to Get Rid Of HP Error 79?

HP manufactures the most compatible and user-friendly printing devices which fulfill the needs of businesses as well as individuals. HP printers are designed to provide the most amazing printing solutions. Though these printers offer exceptional performance, there are certain technical drawbacks which might affect its performance from time to time. HP Error 79 is one of the very prevalent printers which occurs due to the corrupted PostScript documents. But you can get rid of this problem from your printer by utilizing some easy hacks of the HP printer support.

HP service error 79

Causes Of HP Error 79

Once if the HP error 79 occurs in your printer; the print job of your printer might stop and prevent you from printing further. Under such circumstances, the proficient HP experts recommend breaking up the printable document into smaller segments before printing the file.

Another possible cause which can lead to HP error 79 can be the miscommunication between the printer and the spooler due to the obsolete firmware version. The error is very common with the HP LaserJet model.

Troubleshooting Phases Of HP Printer Repair Service

You will require two technical aspects to overcome this error code in your device.  Firstly, your computer should have good internet access to establish the connectivity with your printer. Secondly, there should be an active Admin Account for your computer. If these two technical aspects are there, you can continue to solve the error by following the listed below methods.

Method I

  • Turn on your HP printer. Then verify and remove the print job option from all those computers that have internet access to your printer network.
  • Next, check out the owners of each print job in the “See What’s Printing” bar. This facility is available in the network domain.
  • Now, try to sign in to each of the print job accounts and try to eliminate the same from the domain network.
  • Add the dedicated HP device name from the “Devices and Printers” list.

It is necessary to note that, the method I could provide the end solution for most printer error cases. But if the issue still persists, you can try out the next method.

Method II

  • Switch on your printer and make sure that your printer is connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable.
  • Next, go to the Network icon tab from the Control Panel/screen.
  • Check out the IP address on the printer. The address is showing 192.168.XXX.XXX indicates that the printer is connected to the home network.
  • After that, move back to the home screen.
  • Tap the Settings icon. Select the Updates for your printer.
  • Then look for the available updates of the firmware application.

Finally, make sure to download and install the latest firmware version and carry out the further operations accordingly.

After the proper firmware installation, you can test print any file from your printer. If the printer refuses to print, then you should reboot the HP machine to activate all the latest printer updates fully. Also, you should ensure that the HP ink cartridge contains ink so as to print any document without a hassle.

Avail Online Remote Assistance To Fix HP Error 79

To make your HP device error free, you can avail the remote assistance from the HP Printer Support. The professionals at HP will provide the exact solution to prevent any technical failure which might affect your work. With the HP printer repair service, you can get uninterrupted services for the seamless working of the printer. The certified HP engineers have gathered years of experience in this particular field. So, there will hardly leave a room for the error to recur in your HP device.

To get time-saving technical help, contact with the HP Printer Support or send emails regarding your concern. Hence, help yourself with the latest service updates by staying in touch with the HP assistance and clear all your doubts regarding the HP error 79.

HP Printer Won't Turn On Problem

How To Fix HP Printer Won’t Turn On Problem? Easy Guides

The printer turn on issue will arise mainly because of power problems and especially when users are trying to print important documents. Fix HP Printer won’t turn on problems with our expert guidelines. However there are several other factors such as hardware problems. Users can easily determine the exact cause of error with their HP printers.

Fix HP Printer Won't Turn On Problem

Steps to fix HP Printer Won’t Turn On Problems

Step 1: Plug your printer’s power cable into its power outlet and press the printer’s power button.  Wait for a while to let the power light indicator flash. If the power light does not show up then, press the button again.

Step 2: To HP Printer won’t turn on problems, try to disconnect the printer’s power supply from its power outlet and check for visible damages if found. If so found then, replace it as soon as possible. As per expert guidance, deattach your power module from the printer, and try to establish a connection with the power cable into its power outlet. If a  green light is there, and is there appearing then try to replace it

Step 3: Plug in the power supply to your HP printer and plug it into the power outlet. Ensure that the power cable is properly there in the power module. If still it does not function then, try to plug it into another power outlet. If everything goes fine then, the problem is with your power outlet.

Step 4: Unplug your USB connector which is located right at the back side of your printer.  As per HP Printer support service technical team, turn your printer on. If the printer powers on without any cable, may be some other reason is causing the printer not to power on. Consider to replace your USB cable if this is the exact problem causing.

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How to Fix HP Printer 79 Service Error?

The printer is always the most useful device for accomplishing the work, be it official or personal use. HP Printer giving the best quality printing results, and having advanced technology features. But, there are times, when you may experience some issues with the HP Printer while using it. Fix HP Printer 79 Service Error is one of the most common errors that encountered by many users while performing the printing task. Well, there could be various reasons for occurring this error, such as an Internet connection slow issue, Outdated Printer driver issue, Firmware updates and computer issue, etc.

But you should don’t take tension about it, you can easily repair HP Printer 79 Service Error by performing the steps, that recommended by HP printer service professional. Then follow the below solutions to quick fix the issue.

Solutions to Fix HP Printer 79 Service Error:-

HP Printer 79 Service Error

Solution 1:- Log in and Remove the Printer from your Device

  • First of all, turned OFF the Power of your Printer.
  • Then check and then remove the printing process. Make sure every PC has access for the printer in the “Network” area.
  • In “Domain network”, you can’t cancel the printing process. You should check the owner in “See what is printing” option there.
  • Next, log in with that account & try to remove it from there.
  • After completing close the tab there.
  • Next, switch ON the Printer.

Check the error is resolved, if not, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2:- Install and Update Newly Drivers for HP Printers

You should try to Download, Update and Install the newly Drivers for your Printers to eradicating the error, and smooth running the PC.

  • Restart the printer with only the Power cord being attached.
  • If your printer starts right up, then you need to connect an Ethernet cable from the printer to your cable modem or DSL or switch or the router.
  • Then select the network icon on your printer screen and check to see that if your printer has authenticated to network & lists to an IP (Internet Protocol) address.
  • Once connected to the network now you will run the firmware update.
  • Go to the “Settings” tab. Then choose Printer Update option, and then verify the “updates” now there.
  • Carry on by choosing the update & download & install there.

In this way, you can easily Download, Update and Install the newly Drivers for your Printers and easily Fix HP Printer 79 Service Error.

Fix HP LaserJet printer 79 service error by HP Experts Helpline:-

hp printer support number

In case, you have any problem to follow the solution, then get experts help now. Dial HP Support Number 1-800-297-9982 (toll-free) works 24*7 hours for your online assistance. A third-party tech support expert team is always ready to help. The certified and experienced professionals will give you the comprehensive guide to solve this issue. Hence, it assures you will grab the cost-effective solutions to fix HP LaserJet printer 79 service error queries in a less time.

HP Fuser Error Code 50.2

How To Fix HP Fuser Error Code 50.2?

The error will arise because your device has experienced an internal hardware error which is also known as a slow fuser problem in the device.  To avoid future technical problems, we recommend users to fix HP fuser error code 50.2 in an appropriate manner. Let us see what solutions below here are.

 Solutions to fix HP fuser error code 50.2 are

Fix HP Fuser Error Code 50.2

Solution 1: Try out first solution

Step 1: The first step is to switch off the device and wait at-least 25 minutes and then turn on the device.

Step 2: Check whether a surge protector is in use. If it is so then, remove it from the device.

Step 3: Now, plug in the device which is directly there into the wall socket. This step is as per HP Support technical experts.

Step 4: Use your power switch to carefully turn on the device. If this does not clear out the error, then replace the fuser.

Solution 2: This one is the second solution

Step 1: Here, users need to replace the fusing unit to fix HP Fuser error code 50.2.

Step 2: Replace your Maintenance Kit which will come up with fuser, Tray-1 roller and separation pad, Tray-2 roller and separation pad.

I hope both the solution will work in an effective manner. Still if it persists then, approach at below contact details.

Dial at HP Printer Support Number to Get Instant Help to Fix Issues:-

hp printer support number

Call our technical experts for instant solutions in HP devices.  We are available for customers 24/7 hours at HP Service Center Number +1-800-297-9982 to bring all possible solutions at desk. Solutions are always as per the latest industry standards. For any query, give us a call and experience remedies as and when in need.

HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4

How To Fix HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4?

One of the main reasons for HP printer fuser failure lies in its wiring section where the wire may be no longer heating up due to worn out. For avoiding future problems, suggeste to Fix HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4 by applying the most effective solutions available with us. However, an average lifespan of an HP printer lies between 100,000 pages whereas the fuser may sometimes fail depending on printing conditions. The second reason which we know is due to printing errors especially if it is paper jam. Your obsolete HP LaserJet 1320 driver can also be one of the biggest causes for this error code to happen. See below what are the steps applied to help users overcome the above mentioned cause.

Steps to fix HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4:

HP Printer Fuser Error Code 50.4

Step 1: Try out this temporary fix where users need to cancel all the printing queue. Now, turn off the printer and allow it to completely cool down for at-least 30 minutes.

Step 2: Turn on the printer device to continue printing whenever you are ready to do that. As suggested by HP Printer Support technicians, the error clearly warns users that the fuser needs to be replaced.

Step 3: Do ensure that you have purchased a correct fuser as well as a quality based for the printer to run in a perfect manner again.  If the issue is due to insufficient power, then, give a try to work with the low-voltage power supply. This is because most of the HP printer runs with 43 to 67Hz frequency while it may need to reconnect again.

Step 4: Turn off printer and let it cool down. As suggested by HP Printer Support technicians, unplug the power cord carefully. Reinstall the power cord and try to switch on the printer again.

Step 5: If your printer is in state of flashing interior parts error, then it is always best to have a check whether they needs a replacement or not? Interior errors will usually lead to more serious printer problems such as overheating problems.

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How To Fix HP Printer Separation Pad Issue?

The issue will appear when users have fed more than one page at once. Here it is necessary to modify the printer separation pad. Fix HP Printer separation pad issue with our expert guidelines. Also, users may come across a recurring page feed issues which will indicate that the printer separation pad is worn out.

Fix HP Printer Separation Pad Issue

Steps to fix HP Printer Separation Pad issue:

Step 1: Replace your printer’s separation pad

  • The first thing is to unplug the power cord from your printer to cool down your printer.
  • Now, remove all the input trays. Search for the blue separation pad and remove it from the spring-loaded base. Users need to insert a flat-edged screwdriver into the slot right under the separation pad.
  • Reach through opening and push up the spring-loaded base down with single hand. Pull up the separation pads with another hand.
  • Users should now position their new separation pad into the slot and search for the input tray opening. Push up the spring-loaded base down and try to remove both sides of the separation pad into place.
  • Reinsert your pickup roller, print cartridge as well as the input trays. Plug into the printer to switch it on again.

Step 2: Replace the pickup roller

  • To fix HP Printer separation pad issue, unplug your power cord from the printer to allow it to cool.
  • Open up the print cartridge door to gently remove the print cartridge. Search for the pickup roller now.
  • Release both small as well as white tabs which is there on each sides of the pickup roller. Carefully push them away from the roller, and rotate it to pick-up toward the front.
  • Pull up the roller up from the device and try to position the new pickup roller into the slot of the previous one.
  • Rotate it into position till the white tabs on each side of the roller snap will appear accurately.
  • Reinstall print cartridges and close its door.
  • Plug in the printer to switch it on again

Step 3: Clean out your printer pickup roller from inside out

  • As per as HP Printer support service technicians, dampen a soft cloth in water to scrub the roller gently.
  • Wipe out the pick-up roller to remove dirt.
  • At last, allow pickup roller to let it dry completely before you are installing it within the printer.
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