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Fix Computer Screen Remains Blank

How to Fix Computer Screen Remains Blank but Windows Boots-up Issue?

If users come across a situation where they find out that the Computer Screen Remains Blank, but their PC seems to be working, then this is normally caused due to the result of a power surge or other serious voltage issues that have potentially damaged the PC. It can also be due to the result of a software update which has changed the way the user’s PC used to boot up.

Computer Screen Remains Blank

Diagnose and Troubleshoot Computer Screen Remains Blank but HP Computer Starts Issue

Step 1: Diagnosing of Computer Screen

  • Users can often easily rule out the monitor by just unplugging it from the computer and then trying to power on the display automatically. A diagnostic screen should have this potential to briefly appear on the monitor instructing the user about zero availability of the signal from the computer.
  • If the problem lies somewhere from the monitor cable to the computer and if it’s the case where users do not see a diagnostic screen then they should test the monitor on another PC. If they try to use the monitor on another PC and Computer Screen Remains Blank then make sure that users have smoothly swapped out the cable from a monitor who was working accurately.
  • Check the end of the cable for any kind of bent pins and examine the cord for further damage to the wire’s insulation. If still the diagnostic screen is not visible, then the monitor is probably in a bad situation.

Step 2: Boots Up But Computer Screen Is Found to Be Blank

  • It’s unlikely but still it’s possible that users have received a bad Windows update causing their computer to boot into a low power mode. If the computer acts like it’s powering on, with all normal beeps, clicks as well as lights, then try to wait for a while until the computer is fully boot into Windows.
  • Press and release the power button once. If the computer is in active stage, one needs to go into the System BIOS section and make sure of any power saving features ever disabled or not. Depending on the computer’s model, one needs to tap the F1 or F10 button to enter the BIOS setup. Assuming that the screen is completely visible at this point, have a look through the menu for the Power saving feature and then disable it.

Step 3: What If Computer Screen is Blank?

  • If the user’s still stuck in Computer Screen Remains Blank situation after these suggestions, one will definitely need to take the computer in for service to run the diagnostic process on the power supply and the motherboard.


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