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Resolve HP Error Code 0xc0000185 | Technical Fix With A Call

Most Windows 10 users often encounter technical errors including the HP Error Code 0xc0000185. Usually, you can get this error during the reboot process and it can turn your screen blue. If you are getting this problem in your HP device, it can cause due to boot error or severe hardware issue. Fortunately, you are not the only one who is facing this issue in HP devices and there are technical solutions to resolve 0xc0000185 error code message. In order to fix this error code, you must identify the causes at first. Hence, check out this article, as it’ll not only cover the underlying reasons behind the 0xc0000185 error but also provide effective technical fixes.


What Is HP Error Code 0xc0000185 And Causes Of Getting It?

Whenever you come across HP error code 0xc0000185, it doesn’t allow the device to turn on easily. It also displays an error message on the screen saying ‘Your PC needs repair’. If you are not a technologically sound person, you can’t figure out what is causing this error. Hence, follow the below points to get aware of the reasons behind experiencing this issue in your HP laptops.

Possible Reasons Behind Getting HP Error 0xc0000185

  1. Any technical issues with the hard drive or motherboard can restrict the bootup process in your PC. Even if there is a physically damaged component in your device, it can disrupt the entire system and cause HP error code 0xc0000185.
  2. If you have recently applied a Windows Update that is already corrupt or incomplete, there are chances of getting this Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) issue.
  3. Some PCs can have this problem due to defective drivers or corrupt Boot Configuration Data in these Windows-based devices.
  4. Many HP users who are working with Windows 10 can experience this issue if they are using the wrong Media Creation tool. It further can cause this error if they fail to choose the proper version of OS (32 or 64 bit).
  5. During the bootup using a flash USB drive, if the procedure was interrupted due to technical or any hardware issues, you can still come across error code 0xc0000185 in HP devices.

Troubleshoot HP Error Code 0xc0000185 By Following These Fixes

If you want to resolve error code 0xc0000185 hp, check out these following fixes to boot your device without any BSOD issue.

Solution 1: Make Use Of The Windows 10 Installation CD

To initiate this process, you will have to utilize the CD/DVD for Windows 10 installation that you got during purchasing your HP device. Switch on the computer and insert the CD/DVD to reboot the OS. As you get this command ‘Press any key to boot from CD/DVD’, on the black screen, hit any key. It will then start booting your device from the installation disk. Then you will have to put the accurate time and mention the type of keyboard on the next screen. After this, click on ‘Repair your PC’ and then choose ‘Advanced Options’ under the ‘Troubleshoot’ feature. Then click on ‘Automatic Repair’ option to fix Error Code 0xc0000185.

Solution 2: Troubleshoot And Repair Boot Configuration Data

If ‘Automatic Repair’ feature doesn’t resolve this error, then proceed further with the Command Prompt. Enter ‘BOOTREC/FIXMBR’ to enter into the window and launch command ‘BOOTREC/FIXBOOT’. Then press Enter key after typing BOOTREC/REBUILDBCD and remove the Windows 10 installation CD/DVD from the PC. Finally, restart your device to fix this 0xc0000185.

Solution 3: Apply System Restore Option On PC

In case the above solutions can’t resolve this error code, follow the procedure to go to ‘Advanced Options’ and select ‘System Restore’ feature. If there is no other advanced issue in your HP device, then this restore option can fix this BSOD error.

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If you can’t understand the above fixes or it didn’t work for you to resolve HP error code 0xc0000185, get in touch with us. Our support professionals provide reliable and effective technical solutions to fix all sorts of error codes in your HP devices. If you are not a tech-savvy person and want professionals to fix these errors including 0xc0000185 code, consult with our HP tech support team.

To reach our executives directly, call us at HP Customer Support Number and resolve laptop error codes right there and then. You can also get in touch with the technicians through our email ID and receive HP solutions directly in your inbox. For real-time discussion on HP laptop or PC problems, log into our live portal facility.


How To Take Screenshot On HP Computer, Laptop, Tablet?

HP is one of the most well-known brands, known for its excellent technological devices. HP  devices come with enormous features and speculations. However, some users are curious about ‘How to Screenshot on HP?. Consequently, this article gives you multiple ways to take screenshots on the HP laptops and tablets.

Screenshot on HP

Why You Can’t Take Screenshot On HP Laptops: Hardware Overlays Issue

On the Windows Operating System, screenshots of games and media players sometimes crash, appearing in a blank rectangle. It causes as the graphics are skirting the whole screen and going to a high-speed graphics processor on the graphics card by using a program called hardware overlay.

Generally, there are no ways to figure out a math figure outside the graphics card, although the software may exist for certain video cards.

Excellent Tricks: How To Screenshot On HP Device

If you need to take a shot or picture on your HP device screen and you want to save it to upload it or show to others then follow the neat tricks given below.

Trick 1: Shortcut On Keyboard

HP devices are mostly running on Windows Operating System and Windows allow you to take a screenshot or capture a picture of your screen. You need to press the PrtSn key. You can also press Fn key + PrtSn key together or hold the Win key + PrtSn key.s

If you are using Windows 7 press the PrtSn key your device takes a screenshot of your screen and save it in the Clipboard.

For the users of Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, when you press the shortcut key, then it will take a picture of the entire device of the screen. It will save on the Screenshot folder which you can find on the Pictures folder. Otherwise, you can directly search for the Screenshot folder on the Windows Search option.

This process is admittedly helpful, but you can take the full screen.

Trick 2: Screenshot On HP Tablets

HP Tablets or HP mobile device runs on the two Operating platforms, one is Windows and another one is Android. Both devices have the same method to take a screenshot. Now, press the Volume Down key and the Power key of your device.

After that, the mobile device takes a screenshot automatically and save it to the Photos Gallery section.

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If you have any confusion regarding how to screenshot on hp laptop then, you can connect to our HP technical support team for further queries. We provide 24×7 support so that you can contact us any time. Dial our toll-free number [   ] to make an audible communication with us. You can also send reports about the issues through our email ID. Our HP Customer Support Team will ready to help you to sort out the HP issues.


Amazing Ways to Fix HP Error Code 601

Hewlett Packard is one of the biggest names in the personal computing industry. Due to the quality of their products and services, they have millions and millions of customers around the world. Although it is excellent, it can cause trouble occasionally. The HP Error Code 601 is one of the reported glitches to occur.

You can fix the issue yourself easily with the information from this article.

HP Error Code 601

Issues Behind The HP Error Code 601

The HP error code 601 is an error that can hold up the proper functioning of your HP laptop. This shows up in the form of an error message and can be very frustrating at times. What you need to know first, is that this is an issue related to the battery. There are two batteries in a laptop, one is the primary battery, the removable one. And the other is the CMOS battery, which you can find inside the laptop. The hp battery alert error code 601 is related to the primary battery. This particularly signifies that the battery storage capacity is lower than normal. To be specific, when the current storage capacity is about a quarter of what it should be, this error is likely to happen.

How To Fix The HP Error Code 601

This section contains the methods which you can carry out to fix this issue. But at the same time, be very careful while doing this to prevent adverse effects on your HP laptop.

Start Your Laptop Without Battery

Turn off your computer first, and then unplug the power supply. Once you’ve done that, go forth and take out the battery. Press and thus hold down the battery for about 20 seconds. Attach the power cable to the charging port after that and power it up. Finally, start your laptop again. The error might go away from here. But if it is still there, there are other ways also.

Perform A Battery Test

Within the System diagnostics set of functionalities in an HP laptop, there is a feature for checking the battery health. This might help fix the problem. What you got to do is first turn your PC off. After that, boot it up and press the Esc key to get to the Startup menu. Once there, hit the f2 key and thus open the ‘Battery Test’ option. From there on, you’ll find detailed on-screen instructions. Follow them to execute the process of Battery Test properly.

Re-attach Your Battery

This is the simplest way to fix this problem. You can consider going for this before any of the others. So, just shut down your computer and disconnect it from the power supply. Take out the battery and hold down on the power button for like 25 seconds. Re-attach the battery and switch it on, and see if the error message is gone.

Get A New Battery

If none of those as mentioned above methods deliver you relief, then might be your battery is damaged. So for that, you would have to get yourself a new one.

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Dial-up our HP Customer Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for Further Assistance

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If you want to avail HP Customer service, you can get that by dialing the HP Support Number. You can call in anytime or send an email to the given email id. Or if you want to have a real-time discussion, you can use the Live Chat portal from the website.


How to Install HP Printer Setup without CD?

Epson, Canon, Inkjet, Toshiba, Dell, etc. are globally recognized brands out of which HP printer is the highest used one due to its unique features and high-quality printing. When you buy a new HP printer, you will have a printer driver installation CD which you are supposed to insert into your computer and run to install the printer driver on the system. If your printer package doesn’t contain the driver CD within it, you might have to take professionals help. You can connect with us instead to receive thorough guidance from our experts regarding HP Printer Setup without CD.

HP Printer Setup without CD

How to setup HP printer driver on your computer without the cd?

  • Find out the model number of your HP printer which is mentioned on the front or back of the device
  • Visit the HP Support Website to download the exact drivers
  • Enter your printer model number and choose your operating system to download the correct drivers
  • Connect the printer to the computer as per the package instructions
  • Go to computer’s “Start menu” and open “Control panel.”
  • Select “Printer and hardware” and click on “Add a printer.”
  • Use the recommended port to set up the printer driver
  • Select “HP printer” brand and select the model number
  • Click on “Next” to allow Wizard to install your printer

Still finding difficulties to install the HP printer driver in your computer system even after applying these steps mentioned above? Do not hesitate to connect with our experienced professionals to avail step by step guide to complete the installation of HP printer driver without a CD.

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Dial HP Customer Support Number USA + 1-800-597-1052 (toll-free):-

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When you find out you don’t have a driver installation cd with you, dial our toll-free HP Customer Support to reach our experts and to avail proper guidance from them regarding the printer setup process.


Easy Way to Fix PCL XL Error Kernel Missing Attribute in HP Printer

Hewlett Packard, shortened as HP is an American multinational company which deals with information technology. It is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Due to its amazing product quality, it is accepted as the brand for electronic devices across the globe. It deals with various hardware and software components. HP printers are renowned for their awesome performance.

Despite the awesome performance of HP printers, users might face difficulty in using them. Problems can be minor as well as major. Kernel problem occurs if there is an issue with the printer driver. Are you unable to Fix PCL XL Error Kernel Missing Attribute in HP Printer, do not delay in contacting our experts.

PCL XL Error

Below is a list of troubleshooting steps required to resolve kernel issues

Our team consists of members who have in-depth knowledge about the printing fundamentals. Therefore we do not want you to suffer due to printing errors. PCL XL Error is a common occurrence. The techniques for resolving this issue is complicated but not impossible. Hence, follow the steps mentioned below to continue with a smooth printing session:

  • Users can easily connect their personal computer with their printer with an IEEE-1284 cable
  • Users need to disable high speed and advanced features
  • Press the menu key in the printer display
  • Press Item key from the I/O menu
  • Make sure you see Parallel High Speed=Yes
  • Press the value key
  • Press the select key
  • Press the item key
  • Again press the value key
  • Press the select key again

Update your printer driver,

  • Users need to use another printer driver
  • Remove the memory chips

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Dial our HP Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for Help

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Users would never want to hamper their printing experience due to kernel issues. Therefore, it is mandatory for you reach us at our HP Support. Ping us today.


How To Resolve HP Printer Error Code Oxc4eb827f?

Hp printers enable the users in printing out any file, image or data with ease and in high-end quality. Whether you want black and white images or colorful ones, these printers have the potential to provide both with equal precision. However, most users have reported about the appearance of the HP printer error code oxc4eb827f all of a sudden without a prior warning. This error disrupts the entire performance of your printer and causes your work to slow down.  

Well, there are several IT solutions which you may try randomly from the internet. But, there is hardly any certainty of getting the printer issue sorted with that. Thus, it will be a wise idea if you follow the technical suggestion from experts at HP Printer Support. Or, you can also call at the HP Support Number for quick fixes.

HP Printer Error Code Oxc4eb827f

Reasons Of HP Printer Error Code Oxc4eb827f To Occur

The most primary reason for HP printer error code oxc4eb827f to occur is the ink system failure. The indication behind such error code is that:

  • Your printer will be unable to print anything
  • The device will cease to scan or copy any document that has been sent to it via the computer network.

The other reasons include:

  • Dislocation of the encoder strips
  • The obsolete or outdated printer driver
  • Dirty hardware and unsecured registry entries on your computer operating system.

Whatever be the cause behind the technical fault of your printer, there are perfect solutions to suppress the occurrence of HP printer error code oxc4eb827f.

Ways To Eradicate This Error Code | HP Printer Alert

The dedicated and well-equipped HP technicians have efficient techniques to eradicate the error oxc4eb827f from HP printer.

Follow the steps below to get rid of the error with ease:

  • Start with the turning on of the printer. After the printer gets activated, remove the ink cartridge. And detach the power cord from behind your printer.
  • Next, switch off your computer along with the wireless router.

After that, hold on for an interval of one to two minutes. Then plug in the power cable at the back of your printer again.

  • Now place the inkjet into the printer when it is instructed to do so. Then create an image and turn on your computer along with the cable-less router.

When you are done following these steps, try to print any random document just to test the normal working of your printer machine. Hence, these are the few basic measures that can settle the  HP Printer error code oxc4eb827f. If this step does not resolve the error code, get in touch with the HP Printer Tech Support

Are you still struggling with the same difficulty? If yes, then it is recommended for availing of the HP Customer Service. The HP support experts will look after your problem without leaving a room for the error.

Reach HP Support Number

HP Printer Error Oxc4eb827f

After performing all the steps as mentioned above, if the HP printer error code Oxc4eb827f recurs, call the experts at HP Customer Support Number 1-800-597-1052. They have their phone lines always active to listen to your technical problems.  

With the help of HP support team, you can fix the unwanted alert messages with huddle-free solutions. The HP skilled experts are well-trained to handle any of your HP printer’s error issue.

Chat Support PortalError Code Oxc4eb827f

It is an additional support medium using which you can get instant help for your HP printer. Or, you may simply send a mail sharing your inquiries and service requests in it.

The team will sort out your printer issue in no time. Hence, be quick to get in touch with HP service. Fix the HP printer error code Oxc4eb827f as soon as possible to prevent further damages to your device.


How to Print from iPhone to HP Printer?

Hewlett-Packard, commonly known as HP is an American multinational company which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It is an information technology company which is famous because of the production of a wide range of hardware and software products. Due to the premium quality of its products, users choose HP as their preferred printer brand.

Have you ever imagined the consequences in case you are unable to Print from iPhone to Hp Printer The after effects are severe? Users get frustrated if they are unable to get the desired outputs. Users might be new to technology and are hence unable to carry out their important tasks. Whatever be the cause, users need to avail expert assistance for getting a hassle-free printing experience.

print from iphone to hp printer

Users can follow the steps given below for an outstanding printing experience:

It is a very common issue that users are unable to Print from iPhone to HP Printer. The steps are a bit time consuming but not impossible to follow. Since our team has knowledge of printing fundamentals, we can easily provide you with steps that can improve your printing session.

Apple AirPrint is an inbuilt printing solution for iOS devices. Users can easily print with this. Try the hacks below to resolve your printing issue:

  • On your printer, enable the wireless feature and connect your printer to your local wireless network
  • Open the document, photo, email or webpage you want to print and tap on the share option
  • Tap on Print
  • On the Printer Options menu, tap Select Printer
  • Select your printer and change print settings if necessary then tap on Print

Reach us without failing:


Your solutions are just a call away. Call us 24*7 by dialing our toll-free HP Support Number. To resolve printer problems, reaching us is mandatory. Feel free to interact with our team of professionals.


How to Fix HP Printer Error E9?

HP is well known for manufacturing advanced and sophisticated electronics and hardware devices that are loved by millions of global users. HP printers follow the same trend by being one of the best printers available in the market, today. You get top – class images and documents, with bright and colorful prints. HP printers can be both monochromatic and colored, with single or multiple all – in – one function. But, over the years, there might be issues like HP Printer Error E9. Call us on our helpline number, and know the best ways to fix it.

HP error E9 is a printer script error. It occurs when the device detects the requirement of maintenance of the ink system. Consequently, you may find a page printed with the instructions of how to open and shut the printhead door, to fix this error.

HP Printer Error E9

Steps to Fix Hp Error E9 

  • You need to use the original HP ink cartridges in the device.
  • Next, try to reset the printer.
  • Check the approximate ink levels in the cartridges.
  • Next, try to clean all the cartridge vents.
  • Lastly, clean the printhead either manually or by using an automated tool.

Come to us for instant solutions to HP printer error E9 –


If you are an HP printer user facing the error E9 on your device, you must be in dire need of proper assistance. But, do not worry, as we can provide you with the most effective solutions to fix all your HP printer error issues. Call us on our HP Support, for superfast services.



Resolve HP Photosmart printer ink Cartridge Errors Instantly

HP offers a line of printers with easy and excellent features. HP Photosmart D110 comes with AirPrint compatibility, providing users with the privilege of printing anytime, anywhere from any device. Although, this printer offers a range of useful features, yet you might face some issues over time. One such common problem is cartridge errors. In case you encountered an HP Photosmart Printer Ink Cartridge Error, get in touch with us for immediate solutions.

Reasons For HP Photosmart Cartridge Error

When you come across a cartridge error, your printer will display a message. Most of the time, it sends a notification saying “print cartridge appears to be missing or damaged”. This error will prevent you from printing until you resolve it.

HP photosmart printer ink cartridge

Accordingly, when you encounter HP Photosmart Printer Ink Cartridge Error, a few things can happen. Firstly, there can be an issue with at least one of the cartridges. The problem can arise if you install a cartridge of some other brand. Further, it can occur due to incompatibility or incorrect cartridge. Also, a gap between electrical contacts and failure of the ink cartridge.

If you are facing a cartridge error and looking for solutions, first you have to figure out why the error message popped up. In case, you are having difficulties in understanding the cause of the problem, get help from professionals. Talk to our HP customer care team and get the answers you are looking for.

Resolve HP Photosmart D110 Printer Ink Cartridge Error

Ink cartridge related problems are quite common with HP printers. It occurs when the printer fails to detect the cartridge or encounters some technical glitch. There are some common tricks you can try. Once you figure out what is causing the issue, you can fix them accordingly.

Solution 1: Use Genuine Cartridge

HP always recommends genuine cartridges. When you use some other brand, it usually create problems due to the incompatibility issue. Therefore, check whether the cartridge you are using is genuine. If not, then replace it with an HP one.

Solution 2: Insert The Cartridge Properly

Your computer can display HP Photosmart Printer Ink Cartridge Error when the ink cartridges are not inserted correctly.

  • Open the cartridge access door while your printer is on.
  • Now, wait till the cartridge is idle and silent.
  • Then check whether all the colour icons are in their right place.
  • Also, check whether all the cartridges are seated properly in the carriage, if not then make sure to place them properly.
  • Once you are done, close the ink cartridge access door and try to print again.

Solution 3: Remove And Reinsert the Ink Cartridge

Sometimes the printer sends an error message due to technical glitches. In that case, removing the cartridge and then reinserting it can help.

Step 1: Turn on your printer and open access door. Now you have to wait until it settles down.

Step 2: Once its silent, press the tab on the front to release the cartridge.

Step 3: After removing it from the slot, face down nozzle and contacts. Then, insert the cartridge in its place and make sure it is firmly seated. Do this with all the cartridges.

Step 4: After reinserting all the cartridges, close the access door and try to print again.

Alternative Solutions

If none of the above methods helps, then you can try some other tricks. You can clean the cartridge and check whether the problem is resolved or not. Also, check if any of the ink cartridges are damaged. In that case, you might need a replacement.

Get Expert Help With A Call 18005971052


At times, resolving cartridge errors can be complicated. The issue might bother you even after trying the above troubleshooting measures. In such instances, you can avail professional help. We offer solutions for every cartridge related errors, irrespective of the brand. Give us a call on our HP Technical Support Number 18005971052  and get expert services at your doorstep. Our technicians work round the clock and make sure the problem you are facing is eliminated efficiently. You can also reach us via our live chat support portal or by sending us an email. Our helplines are available 24*7.

Fix HP Printer Toner Cartridge Not Genuine Error

How To Fix HP Printer Toner Cartridge Not Genuine Error?

The printer will detect the above toner cartridge error because it does not see or recognize the toner cartridge’s identification such as its model, manufacturing date and serial number. Fix HP Printer toner cartridge not genuine error with our adept guidelines.

HP Printer Toner Cartridge Not Genuine Error

Steps to fix HP Printer toner cartridge not genuine error are

Step 1: The first step is to make sure the toner cartridge is a genuine HP toner cartridge because a non-HP toner cartridge will give rise to the above error code. So fix HP Printer toner cartridge not genuine error in a proper way. Here users need to repair their printer

Step 2: Now, has a check whether the HP toner cartridge is a new one or not?

Step 3: As per as HP Printer support service technicians, the HP toner cartridge will be in use and the printer will not recognize the cartridge until there are 20 pages users have printed. After users have printed 20 pages, the error message will disappears.

Step 4: If users have used the HP toner cartridge and the error message is still visible after 20 pages have been printed, the cartridge have sure out of toner. Replace the toner cartridge.

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We are a group of expert team available at HP Printer support number +1-800-297-9982 to bring future effective solutions right at your desk.  Technicians study every issue from the core which has always helped them overcome any problem easily. So call us anytime and get the most effective solutions.