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Fix HP 2000 Notebook Error 0xc0000185

How To Fix HP 2000 Notebook Error Code 0xc0000185?

HP notebooks are quite renowned among people across the world due to its strong functionality delivered to users. But error can happen anytime. This is a type of error code which usually executes due to BIOS failure in the HP systems. These are common issues that execute in the system while users are in the middle of something important task. Below we have discussed steps to fix HP 2000 Notebook error 0xc0000185 with appropriate explanations.

 HP 2000 Notebook Error 0xc0000185

Steps to troubleshoot HP 2000 Notebook error 0xc0000185

Step 1: Recover your BIOS with a press combination

  • Turn off the notebook first and then plug it into the power with the help of power adapter.
  • Press and hold the Windows logo key for a while as well as the B key.
  • Press and hold the Power button which is located on the computer for at-least 2 to 3 seconds, and release it but make sure that you are holding the Windows logo key  as well as the B key till you get the HP BIOS update screen
  • Tap the “Continue Startup” iconto get a prompt message of restart the computer while allowing the notebook to restart when the timer reaches zero. Press the enter key now
  • Follow all on-screen instructions for boot process

Step 2: Download the replacement BIOS file

  • Go to the appropriate HP website and type the model number of the notebook.  Enter the HP product name and the serial number.
  • The Software and the driver’s result page will be displayed while ensuring that the “Detected operating system” is found to be accurate. Click the “Change” icon by selecting your choice operating system as well as its version. Tap the ‘Change’ icon now.
  • Click the “BIOS” icon now.
  • Click the “Download” icon which is just next to the BIOS update file, and save it

Step 3: Create a fresh recovery flash drive of the BIOS system

  • Connect to a blank flash drive to your computer and then navigate to the BIOS file which you have just downloaded. Double-click on that file.
  • Click the “Next” icon and select the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and tap the “Next” icon.
  • Now, choose to remove or not to remove all the files from the flash drive after you have recovered the BIOS. Click the “Next” icon now.
  • Select the “Create Recovery USB flash drive” option and then click the “Next” icon
  • Choose the flash drive by clicking on it and hit the ‘Next” button.
  • Tap the “finish” icon now and then, remove the flash drive from the computer. at last, just recover the BIOS with the help of recovery flash drive

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Update BIOS in HP Laptop

How to Update BIOS in HP Laptop?

BIOS, stands for basic input/output system, is the program used by microprocessor of a personal computer to manage the data flow between the operating system of computers and other attached devices like video adapter, hard disk, mouse, printer and keywords etc.

Updating BIOS is very important to make sure the functionality of these connected devices and other functions of a computer system. Before any issue outbreaks into your system, update BIOS and do this process carefully to avoid any damages. If you need help to update BIOS, find below the right process to accomplish this task successfully.

Find and Note down the BIOS Version Number

Before you download and install BIOS into your HP laptop, take a paper and pencil to note down the BIOS version installed into your system. In windows search box, type “msinfo32.exe” to open system information where you will find system summery showing BIOS version with date. Note down this BIOS version and proceed to the next section to find the processor type.

Find Out the Processor Type in your PC

Different computers have different models you need to find out which processor is used into your HP laptop. As, different processor needs different BIOS, so note down the processor name, type and its version before downloading or installing BIOS on your PC. To know the BIOS and processor version you can get HP Laptop Technical Support Phone Number with back-to-back online help for any other issues related with BIOS settings.

Search and Download BIOS Updates

Go to HP website and find driver & software update page, where you can find file to download BIOS of your version. When you find that, click on download on your system or you can also download that on any other system and install into this system. Make sure check the version and system compatibility before downloading the BIOS version.

Install and Update BIOS on your HP Laptop

When you successfully download, click the setup file to install this latest version of BIOS into your system. The installation process will take few minutes, wait till the processes completed. After updating BIOS, restart your computer and check BIOS update status through system summary under system information. If you face any technical problem you can ask for help offered by HP Technical Support Phone Number for solving such issues online.