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How to Protect Your System From the WannaCry Ransomware Attack ?

Before we move for solutions on Protect Your System From the WannaCry Ransomware Attack, users should first know about its concept. A Ransomware is a malicious computer program which restricts users from accessing their systems, files while demanding high payments of a ransom. As this is the only way to regain access. Whereas Wanna Cry-Ransomware works with a sophisticated encryption algorithm to easily code all files of an attacked system. So, below are solutions, our tech support professionals have explained ways to get rid of the issue in easy ways.

Protect Your System From the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Effective ways to Protect Your System From the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Way 1: Dos to prevent attacks of Wanna Cry Ransomware are as given below:

  • HP Computer Support technicians have suggested users to perform a regular search for all the available latest software.
  • Secondly, an advanced antivirus software should be installed into their system because it augments high level of protection against all sorts of malware as well as other dangerous hacks.

Way 2: Don’ts for keeping the system safe from Wanna Cry Ransomware:

  • If possible, it is recommended for users to avoid working with the older and any unsupported version of the operating system because no security fixes are created for them
  • The next thing which needs to be kept in mind is that not to browse web without activating a proper antivirus protection. This is because cyber criminals will generally hide exploit programs in the codes of popular websites. 

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How To Fix HP BIOHD Error Code 1?

BIOHD-1 is a SMART hard drive technical faults which arises within HP devices where the SMART thinks that the drive is failing faster. So, before it causes any issue, fix HP BIOHD Error Code 1 by applying professional techniques. However, the issue signifies that the hard drive is not faulty when it is accessing the BIOS and is looking for an option of HDD SMART Enable and just disable it.

Fix HP BIOHD Error Code 1

Steps to fix HP BIOHD Error Code -1  are as follows:

The very step is to shutdown the computer and then, open up the side panel

Now, carefully remove all the hard drive connections and then, connect them after a few seconds

At last, one needs to restart the computer and have a check whether the solution is working fine and users are easily able to HP BIOHD Error Code 1. 

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How To Fix HP Computer Slow Performance Issue?

The HP computer’s slow response problem generally occurs due to device start-up issues, update problems, temporary files in the device and too many start-up programs. So, to fix HP computer slow performance issue, users should resolve above problems with appropriate instructions provided by our tech support team. Let us see what are the solutions that can be applied to overcome such frequent working problems in HP computers? 

Fix HP Computer Slow Performance Issue

Steps to fix HP computer slow performance issues are as follows:

Step 1 to fix computer restart problems

Sometimes the problem may arise due to faulty software errors in the desktops. simply restarting the computer device through the start menu by clicking on “restart” button.

Step 2 to fix update problems

This is the second most cause which may lead to slow performance problem of your computer device. As advised by HP Computer Support team, go to the “start menu” and click on “setting” icon. Now, search for all available updates as well as security technical issues. However, users should not take any action provided if the device is showing that it is already updated. Well, if not then, install all needed updates. It may happen that the device will restart multiple times, so one needs to ensure that all the data are saved.

Step 3 to fix issues with temporary files

Every computer as we know, stores all of the working data as temporary files. But it is also suggested to clearing out all temporary files to HP computer slow performance issues as well as disk organization problem will speed up further. However to do this, navigate to the “start menu” and choose “Disk Cleanup” option. This will show up various categories just under the “Files” to delete. Choose a type of  categories which you wish to delete and click “OK”. Also, users can cleanup system files by tapping on “Clean up system files” icon.

Step 4 to fix or limit the number of startup programs

It happens that there are many programs and computer initiates them after turning on. So, here limiting the amount of startup programs will space up enough working memory for the computer for handling complicated tasks. The user can also disable all unnecessary programs by tapping on “Window key + R” button. Now, type the “taskmgr” option and go to “Startup tab” to disable useless programs. 

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How to Fix HP Desktop Error Code 0xE0EF0003?

The issue generally arises when users are installing the system and they have come across this issue. So, fix HP desktop Error Code 0xE0EF0003 before you face future technical faults. Also, one can approach our technical team at HP Desktop Customer Support Number +1800-597-1052 for apt guidelines. While this issue occurs, users will come across corrupted image in HP recovery partition, damaged DVDs as well as corrupted image displayed over the HP Quick Restore kit, failed memory modules are experienced, etc. are found to exist. But let us give you more introductions about it. Users when trying to restore their operating system with the help of HP recovery partition image will face unexpected faults. Apply below steps to overcome the issue in easy ways.

Fix HP Desktop Error Code 0xE0EF0003

Steps to fix HP desktop Error code 0xE0EF0003

Step 1: If users are somehow trying to restore with the help of HP recovery partition then, the recovery image is found to be in complete corrupt mode. So it is suggested by HP Desktop Support team to work with HP Quick Restore CD’s.

Step 2: However if working with HP Quick Restore CD’s ensures that the DVDs are used with clean device and is found to be in damaged state then, if possible try with work with QRCD kit.

Step 3: If still the problem continues HP Error code 0xE0EF0003 to happen further then, troubleshoot all possible memory failure test options with another memory module in various memory sockets. 

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How To Fix HP Error Code 2732?

The error clearly indicates that there is a problem with the installer package of a software application which has failed to complete the installation. Also the issues may arise when users are attempting to repair the application on their own because a file is missing or a registry entry was removed. Below are steps explained to Fix HP Error Code 2732 .

Fix HP Error Code 2732

Here are Easy Way to Fix HP Error Code 2732

Step 1: To resolve the issue, it is suggested to clean-up the few unwanted entries with the help of Clean-Up utility. The process will further prevent the message to get displayed which looks for the CD every time when it is started. Now, open the webpage and scroll it to choose the “Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility package now” icon. Proceed to next step. An option known as ‘Run’ and ‘Save’ button will pop up in the screen.

Step 2: Click on “Save” button and go to the Desktop section to choose “Save In’ drop down list in the Save As screen section. Choose to click the ‘Save’ icon and proceed next for downloading the driver to the computer’s Desktop.

Step 3: After the file has been saved by you to the desktop, navigate to the computer’s desktop screen and double click the downloaded file displayed as msicuu2.exe. Select the “RUN’ icon now

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Step 4: One needs to follow all instructions as instructed by HP Support Number technical team on the installer screens for completing the installation process.

Step 5: Click the Start icon and tap the ‘All Programs’ icon. Tap the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility tool where a dialog box will be displayed on the screen containing a specific message. It will comprise of a list of installed products as well as four buttons.

Step 6: Select the ‘SolutionCenter’ in the list and click the ‘Remove’ button to easily uninstall the entry. Restart the PC device now.





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Repair Error Message 0xa

How to Fix HP Error Message 0xa “Unmountable_Boot_Volume”?

The Error Message 0xa is commonly known by an “Unmountable_Boot_Volume” error which executes at the time of startup or boot progression in the computer device.

A kind of error which is confined to the process when the Windows XP interacts with the hard drive during an unexpected shutdown phase. Often it’s the case when the contents of the cache are not accurately written to the drive properly and as a result this issue happens. Here are steps to fix Error Message 0xa with detailed explanations.

Fix Error Message 0xa

Steps to Troubleshoot Error Message 0xa

Option 1: Clear up all initial Unmountable_Boot_Volume error

  • Restart your device where you need to check whether an option is displayed to either Boot into Windows XPor Start the Recovery Console. Depending on the option, now select the Recovery Console, icon into Safe Mode. Now open the command window and then, run the CHKDSK /R command
  • Start the PC and then press the f8key to easily boot into Safe Mode section.
  • Now, open your command window where you need to run the “CHKDSK /R” commands.
  • If you are lucky enough to have an HP Operating System disc which was provided with the XP notebook models, or a retail version of the Windows XP disc then, use the Option 1 to restart the computer and select the Recovery Console. Check the CHKDSK /R commands.
  • Now if you are working with the HP Recovery disc which was provided with later XP notebook models, and you don’t have access to the HP Recovery Manager on the hard drive, reinstall the XP Operating System Service Pack 2.
  • Run CHKDSK /R from the Recovery Console

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Option 2: Re-install the operating system

  • Next, one can re-install the operating system, if required. This is the option needed only if your computer is unable to boot to Windows device
  • I hope your issue will be easily solved. But still if continue to exists then, call our technicians at below contact details

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Troubleshoot Network Scanner Connection Error

How to Fix HP Network Scanner Connection Error?

The Network Scanner Connection Error occurs simply while trying to scan the computer or when the scanner is not detected or may the scanning process fails to perform its action. While users come across this issue, they may receive following error messages displayed as:

An error occurred while communicating with the scanning device as well as HP imaging device

Computer not detected

Scanning issues unavailable

Unsuccessful scanning problems, not found errors and scanner unreachable process errors

Well professionals have better solutions to Fix Network Scanner Connection Error by explaining each step in details.

Fix Network Scanner Connection Error

Steps to Troubleshoot the Network Scanner Connection Error

Step 1: Confirm whether it is printing related issue

  • If it is the case where the connection error occurs due to printing as well as scanning issue then, make use of the appropriate resources to resolve the issue:

Step 2: Restart the device to check for driver scan settings problem

  • Turn off the printer first.
  • Now make sure that he printer power cord is well connected to an electrical outlet
  • The next step is to close all running programs on the computer devices and then shut down the computer.
  • Turn on the printer as well as the computer and search for the printer model name, and then hit on the printer name in the list of results.
  • Try to perform a whole scan process.

Step 3: Check for the network as well as the printer connection status

Make sure to perform these below status:

  • Perform a check whether the network shown is yours or not
  • Check whether the network signal strength is weak or strong.
  • If your network status is well connected or not
  • Now perform a scan thoroughly.

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Step 4: Run the Print and Scan Doctor

  • In this step, view the Print and Scan Doctor results screen to check whether the list of actionable results are there or not.
  • Click on the “Test Scan” or ‘Skip’ icon now.

Step 5: Uninstall the printer software carefully

  • The next step is to resolve the scan connection issues carefully by uninstalling the printer software before re-installation of the latest driver is done.

Step 6: Reinstall the HP software

  • Next step is to re-install the HP software to remove the error

Step 7: Check for Windows Image Acquisition settings

  • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) is a type of service in the Windows operating system which strongly supports communication between the computer as well as the scanners. If WIA is not properly activated then, scan tasks can easily fail.

Step 8: Disable firewall software

  • At last, disable the firewall setup software

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Error Message 0xc0000142

How to Fix The Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0000142) Error Message?

The Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0000142) Error message is described to be a quite tricky one because it affects a variety of core Windows applications. Typically, this kind of error is executed in Windows Vista but has also been recorded in XP as well as Windows 7 operating systems.

Users will usually get a message by saying that something similar to The Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0000142). Click OK to terminate the application”. We often encounter this error due to malfunctioning or any corrupted program which users are trying to work with.

The Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0000142) Error

Other reasons include running of cmd.exe“ command which is known as a DOS emulator program for the computer device. These files are surely required for use by the computer and yes if they are damaged by any chance then, it will harm user’s computer badly.

In-spite of getting such critical errors, our expert technicians have found a solution to this issue which purposefully solve user’s headache on how to fix “application failed to initialize 0xc0000142” error.

Steps to Fix the Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0000142) Error Message

Step 1 – Cleaning out your Registry Files

Step 2 – Performing a Malware Scan

  • If users are seeing a 0xc0000142 error message from programs that they have installed themselves such as I.E programs but they are not critical to Windows, then it is always better to reinstall those programs first. To perform this step, one needs to do the below task:
  1. Click the “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs” button and then uninstall the program which may be causing such issues.
  2. Restart the PC and then install a fresh copy of the program to check whether this error exists or not. This will further replace all your program files by setting on the computer to allow all specific programs to run as projected. There are various other reasons like: damaged and corrupted application files that further make PC work in slow mode.

 Step 3– Repair your Windows Operating System

  • If still users are stuck in this error then, one should look forward to repair Windows.
  • This is a type of process where Windows does not lose any of the user’s saved data or even any essential information. The best answer is always to replace any of the related program files as well as settings on the PC with the new ones.

All the above mentioned solutions are a perfect way to get rid of The Application Failed to Initialize Properly (0xc0000142) Error without even harming your PC.

Hope your queries related to HP devices have been solved. But, we recommend users to get in touch with our expert team at HP Customer Support toll-free number +1-800-297-9982, 24*7 for further queries. We are available all day long to help users resolve their issues on prompt basis.

Fix Computer Screen Remains Blank

How to Fix Computer Screen Remains Blank but Windows Boots-up Issue?

If users come across a situation where they find out that the Computer Screen Remains Blank, but their PC seems to be working, then this is normally caused due to the result of a power surge or other serious voltage issues that have potentially damaged the PC. It can also be due to the result of a software update which has changed the way the user’s PC used to boot up.

Computer Screen Remains Blank

Diagnose and Troubleshoot Computer Screen Remains Blank but HP Computer Starts Issue

Step 1: Diagnosing of Computer Screen

  • Users can often easily rule out the monitor by just unplugging it from the computer and then trying to power on the display automatically. A diagnostic screen should have this potential to briefly appear on the monitor instructing the user about zero availability of the signal from the computer.
  • If the problem lies somewhere from the monitor cable to the computer and if it’s the case where users do not see a diagnostic screen then they should test the monitor on another PC. If they try to use the monitor on another PC and Computer Screen Remains Blank then make sure that users have smoothly swapped out the cable from a monitor who was working accurately.
  • Check the end of the cable for any kind of bent pins and examine the cord for further damage to the wire’s insulation. If still the diagnostic screen is not visible, then the monitor is probably in a bad situation.

Step 2: Boots Up But Computer Screen Is Found to Be Blank

  • It’s unlikely but still it’s possible that users have received a bad Windows update causing their computer to boot into a low power mode. If the computer acts like it’s powering on, with all normal beeps, clicks as well as lights, then try to wait for a while until the computer is fully boot into Windows.
  • Press and release the power button once. If the computer is in active stage, one needs to go into the System BIOS section and make sure of any power saving features ever disabled or not. Depending on the computer’s model, one needs to tap the F1 or F10 button to enter the BIOS setup. Assuming that the screen is completely visible at this point, have a look through the menu for the Power saving feature and then disable it.

Step 3: What If Computer Screen is Blank?

  • If the user’s still stuck in Computer Screen Remains Blank situation after these suggestions, one will definitely need to take the computer in for service to run the diagnostic process on the power supply and the motherboard.


Well, for further queries, do call us at our HP Customer Support +1-800-297-9982 (toll-free) Number section to instantly get in touch with our expert team of HP computer professionals now! We help you solve your queries as and when needed.

HP Battery Alert

How to Resolve HP Battery Alert Issue?

HP Battery Alert Issue appears before windows starts. It’s happen because HP utilities perform system validation in different phases such as examine to primary battery capacity and also checked for any other secondary installed battery. If your computer does not pass these tests then it shows boot up error code 601 for primary (internal) battery.

HP Battery storage capacity is the total amount of energy that a battery holds the capability to store to easily power a portable device such as a notebook computer. The lower the storage capacity of a battery, the shorter the amount of time it can easily power a portable device.

All the rechargeable batteries, according to HP Computer Support team of professionals, have gradually lost their storage capacity to store. This kind of loss in the storage capacity is known as irreversible and cannot be restored at all. The maximum storage capacity of any new battery can be quite different from the maximum storage capacity of a battery after one year of use. So, it is always advised.

Steps to Fix HP Battery Alert Issue

Step 1: Perform a Battery Test

  • To resolve a Battery Alert message, it is advised by HP tech support experts to perform a Battery Test in the System Diagnostics (F2) environment, by enabling the battery for the best usage performance.
  • To access the HP System Diagnostics Battery Test, a user simply needs to turn on the computer and then immediately press the esc key button to display the Startup Menu easily.
  • Further one needs to press the System Diagnostics F2 key, and then carefully select the “Battery Test” option

Step 2: Hold Button

  • Users are asked to simply hold the power button for at least five seconds in a day to easily turn off the computer.

Step 3: Working with the “F2” Key

  • Turn on the computer first and then instantly press the F2 button for at-least once in every second until you find that the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI menu has been displayed in the screen.

Step 4: Component Test Feature

  • Click on the “Component Tests” just located right to the main menu.
  • Next, in the list of “Component Tests” section, you simply need to click on the “Power” button. Next, in the list of Power Tests section, just tap on the “Battery” option.
  • On the “Battery Test” section, simply click on the “Run once” section. The Battery Test will then begin to work

Step 5: After Completion of Testing Procedure

  • When the testing is completed, then first line on the Battery Check page will clearly displays the status of the battery. If the user’s battery has passed, then click on the “Main Menu” or simply click on the “Battery Details” for more knowledge.


Fix all your HP battery related issues with our expert professionals working at HP customer support department right away! Our services are exceptionally reasonable to afford and is designed to match all the user’s expectations.