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HP Computer System Board Failure Issue

How To Fix HP Computer System Board Failure Issue?

A Computer system board failure in HP devices is also known as “Blink Code 5” which occurs due to failure of a component not covered by the other LED error codes. It is highly recommended for users to approach a professional guideline and fix HP Computer System board failure issue by applying the most appropriate technique. But what actually happens when this issue usually arises? Well, the “caps lock light” will blink in a sequence and also users’ keyboard will freeze immediately. Here we will explain measures for users to help them overcome the problem in easy ways.

Fix HP Computer System Board Failure Issue

Measures to fix HP Computer System Board Failure Issue are as follows:

Measure 1: Perform a hard reset

The foremost measure to fix HP Computer system board failure issue is to disconnect all peripheral devices and remove USB devices as well as media cards. Now, test your computer
secondly, carefully disconnect AC power adapter, remove the battery and hold the power button at least 15 seconds as instructed by HP Support technical team.
Reconnect your AC power adapter and press the power button. However have a look for glowing LEDs which is just near caps lock and num lock keys. Try to hear for sounds of a disk drive as well as CPU.

Measure 2: Identifying number of blinks

When there is a start-up problem, blinking LED lights on the keyboard will start appearing for few minutes which will be around 1 to 8 blinks. We recommend users to refer to blinking code tables for further action

Measure 3: Check for loose connection issues
Blink codes are often displayed after users have added memory to the computer but, it won’t seat the module appropriately.To fix HP system board failure issue, one should consider this process to resolve it. Quite possible the issue is confined to stick of memory or may be one of the memory slots is working on bad connection.

Measure 4: Check for any loose memory modules
If a memory module is in loose them, it won’t come up with a good synching process of memory slots. Also, the computer will not at all recognize the available memory. Reset the memory module.

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Stop HP Computer from Overheating

How to Stop HP Computer from Overheating?

Laptop overheating is one of the most common issues among the users across the world. HP laptops showing overheating issues need to be fixed timely to avoid any kind of major problems. Actually, heating is a normal phenomenon affecting the performance of laptops, but overheating is a concerning factor needs to be fixed timely to avoid any kind of major faults. Below we have mentioned few steps that prevent HP laptops from overheating problem.

Update HP Software and Drivers

Outdated drivers and system software slowdowns the speed of HP laptop that causes overheating issues. Hence, always keep your system update with latest driver and software as per system compatibility and hardware configuration.

Clean Vents and Fan Chamber

When dust particles accumulated on vents, the flow of air obstructed causing overheating of processer. Hence, clean these areas with recommended tools and allow free-flow of air through vents that will keep your HP laptop cool. And if you face any kind of technical problem you can consult with HP customer support to repair fan.  

Avoid Playing Games for Long Hours

Playing high definition games increase the work load of the processer and graphic card. And if you play games for long hours, your laptop will definitely overheats. Take a break and let’s cool down your laptop for restoring the speed and calm down its processer. And to play games nonstop you should have well-supported graphic card.

Keep Laptop at Hard and Flat Surface

Keeping HP laptop on bed, couch, blanket or other textile surface blocks the air flow through vents causing overheating of laptop. Always keep your laptop at hard and flat surface area like table, desk and laptop stand that will also give a right positioning for smooth typing on keyboard and also allow a fully ventilated air flow through vents.

Use Laptop at Normal Room Temperature

Operating laptop in high temperature room will also rise the temperature of your HP laptop. Hence, always use your laptop at ambient atmosphere to maintain heat. In case of overheating you can keep your HP laptop at room with low temperature and if you face any kind of technical problem you can call to HP computer support number +1-800-297-9982 .

HP Technical Support

Avail the Opportunity for Repair of HP Products by HP Customer Support

HP is a leading brand and the products of HP associated with the advanced technology but millions of HP products around the world need technical support in case of the errors and problems that hampers the performance of these products. The person who needs HP customer support for any HP product that he has purchased from the online or offline market should go for the genuine online assistance in this matter so that he gets the best technical support.

The best thing for such a person is to first of all dial the HP customer support phone number of some genuine technical support company that exists in the international technical support market. In general, there are users who face technical issues related to the HP devices like printers, laptops, scanners, computers and tablets.

Genuine HP Technical Support for HP Devices

In the present technical support market, the well trained technicians having the certifications and the skills in dealing with the HP related products will rectify the issues of HP computers and various other products but for this, one will have to dial the HP customer service number of a genuine technical support company. After addressing the issue of the particular product of HP, the skilled technicians will provide a solution by going into the depth of the problem related to the HP product.