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How to resolve HP error 79?

HP printers are considered to be one of the best printers in the market. HP is considered worldwide among the most promising brands and hence, the customers are almost always satisfied with their products. Hence HP designed devices are used all around the world and in every field. Be it for education purpose or business purpose HP printers are in a great demand. HP printers are for homes as well as for use in small to large offices. HP has an amazing productivity and profitability hence it is in huge demand. Irrespective of the fact that HP is one of the leading brands and its printer provides brilliant services, these HP printers show up with numerous technical glitches. HP Error 79 is a major issue that the users encounter. Therefore if you are an HP printer user read this article further to resolve your issues once and for all.

Know the causes of Error 79

HP service error 79

As we all know nobody likes to face trouble amidst their working hours. Therefore when users are frequently experiencing glitches on their devices while working on it, it turns out to be pretty annoying. Therefore users seek immediate assistance. But before resolving an issue people should know about the cause or the source of the issue. Therefore, read further to know what are the reasons for the users to encounter the HP Error 79. The reasons for Error 79 are listed below-

  • Error 79 can also appear when there an improper connection of the printer with the spooler.
  • An out of date firmware can be the reason for Error 79 to appear.
  • The CPU that a formatter is using is experiencing certain hardware issues, this can also be the reason for Error 79 to occur.
  • Another reason for Error 79 can be invalid or poor data the formatter has received and has no idea as in how to respond to it.

These Error 79 is another code name for the Error 49. Both are similar to a huge extent. The Error 79 and 49 are both a firmware-based error. Basically, the Error 79 is pretty tough to detect as well the exact cause for such an issue to occur is still unknown. But mentioned here are the most possible causes of HP Error 79. The error is tough to detect but that doesn’t mean that you cannot get it straight.

Easy fixes for HP Error 79

Method 1 –

  • Firstly, Turn off the HP Printer.
  • Look for and delete the print jobs from the computers that your network printer has an access to.
  • Check who has access for each print jobs in the ‘See what’s printing’ box that is present in the domain network.
  • Delete all th accounts by logging in from the domain network.
  • Now, you have to give a bit of time to get the things settled down and then continue with the print jobs through specific accounts. After this, delete and add the Printer by selecting it from the list present in ‘Devices and Printers’.

Method 2-

  • Power on the HP printer.
  • Ensure that your printer has an internet connection or is connected to the internet through an Ethernet cable that is running from the printer to the router or the modem.
  • Click the ‘Network icon’ on the control panel.
  • Verify the IP address that is present in your printer. In case your device is showing 192.168.XXX.XXX as the IP address, this means you are having a connection of the home network, but if the IP address is something like this 169.XXX.XXX.XX then look for the guide.
  • Go back to the home screen and click the settings icon.
  • Make sure the firmware is updated to the latest version, if not update it.

The above-mentioned procedures will definitely solve your issue of Hp error 79. Because this seems to be a very annoying issue and removing such issue as early as possible is a must. But in case you are finding complications while resolving the issue you can seek assistance from the professionals. With their assistance, you might experience a better optimization of your device as well. Therefore connect to HP Customer Service for smooth and convenient guidance.  

Avail Expert Assistance for Better Functioning of your Device-


If you are unable to solve the issue of Error 79 connect to the HP Customer Service for instant services. Their services are available 24*7. The HP Customer Service provides convenient services at an affordable rate. You can contact them through  HP Printer Support. Besides this, you can also send them emails to share your problems at our official mailing address. Given the latest technological advancements, you can live chat with our proficient engineers through our live chat portal. Seeking expert help in certain cases is very important. Therefore we will help you in solving it up before its too late.