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HP Tablet Lock Up Or Freezing Issue

How To Fix HP Tablet Lock Up Or Freezing Issue?

The error may arise due to issues while updating HP tablets, working with obsolete versions and too many caches in the device. Well, we have our expert guidelines provided by tech support engineers to fix HP Tablet lock up or freezing issues in few simple solutions. Let us have a look on below solutions that are explained to resolve the aforesaid issue in HP tablets.

Fix HP Tablet Lock Up Or Freezing Issue

Solutions to fix HP tablet lock up or freezing issues are as given below

Solution 1: Reboot user’s HP tablet

  • The very first thing is to press and hold the power button for more than eight seconds. Once done, users will be able to see that the tablet is fully shut down. Wait for a while and press the power button to switch on the tablet.
  • If the device is now responding then, the issue is fixed. If still not responding then, continue to the next troubleshooting step.

Solution 2: Now, have a check on system updates

  • This is another most convincing solution to fix HP Tablet lock up or freezing issues. Well, in this process one needs to ensure that the system is well connected to internet so that users can easily have a check for updates. To do this, follow below instructions as suggested by team:
  1. Navigate to the Home screen and tap “All apps” icon and click on “Settings” options.
  2. Now, move to the “System” section and click on “About tablet’ icon.
  3. Choose “System updates” icon and click on “Check now” option
  4. Install all available system updates now.

Solution 3: Force stop the HP tablet

  • Go to the “Home screen” section and click “All apps’ icon. Choose the ‘Settings” icon now.
  • Navigate to the “Device section” and click on “Apps” icon.
  • In the “Running apps” list, try to locate all unresponsive app. Click on app to easily view the “App info page’.
  • Choose “Stop” icon and just force stop it.

Solution 4: Clear out available cache on HP tablet

  • This is another solution available for users to HP Tablet lock up or freezing issues. To do this, click on the “Home screen” icon and tap “All apps” icon. Choose the “Settings” icon.
  • Navigate to the “Device section” and click “Apps” option.
  • Now, in the “Running apps’ list, try to locate “unresponsive” app. Choose “app to view the App info page” and clear out all cache.
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I hope all the above solution will help users resolve the problem easily. But if not then, we recommend them to approach at below contact details. 

Connect to our technical experts for various HP Tablet issues and get prompt remedies!HP-Tablet-Support-Phone-Number

We are available for customers 24/7 hours to provide full assistance related to HP tablet technical faults by delivering them advanced tech support solutions. Technicians are highly qualified, skilled and competent in whatever they do which further makes them distinguished in fixing up related issues. Feel free to connect with us anytime and experience our future effective solutions. Technical experts are always available at HP Tablet Support Number +1-800-297-9982 whenever users are in need.


How To Fix HP Stream 7 Error 0xc000000f?

Boot sector is an essential part of loading the Windows in memory due to have a proper execution of tasks.  Well, if these sectors get corrupted for some or the other reason then, users will certainly come across this issue while working with the HP Stream 7 tablet. It will further restrict users to load Windows from loading. Another cause which is known is due to Hard Disk failure which happens unexpectedly. This may be the hard disk issue which has bad sector as well as malware issues which will prevent Windows from loading. Follow below steps explained by HP Support Phone Number technical team to Fix HP Stream 7 Error 0xc000000f.

Fix HP Stream 7 Error 0xc000000f

Steps to Fix HP Stream 7 Error 0xc000000F

Step 1: Connect the OTG Cable carefully to your USB Hub as well as Tablet to power on the USB Hub.

Step 2: Now make sure that you are well connected to the mouse, keyboard as well as recovery USB to Power Hub. As suggested by expert professionals of HP, users are required to turn ON the tablet and boot it directly to BIOS by pressing down the “Power + Volume Down” button simultaneously until Stream 7 shows is displaying the “Startup” menu.

Step 3: Navigate to the “System Configurations” to choose the “Boot” Options by pressing the “F10” button. Set these settings into its default. If “Secure Boot” is disabled then, users need to clear all of the “Secure Boot Keys”.

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Step 4: Load the HP Factory Default Keys to its “Secure Boot” mode and enable the Secure Boot. Also, it needs to be ensured that UEFI boot order has following order given below:

  1. OS Boot Manager
  2. USB Diskette
  4. Network Adapter

Step 5: Reboot the tablet and return to the “Startup” menu. Press the “Save and exit Boot” options by tapping the F10 key. Your tablet will restart immediately. Now, press the F10 key and hold the ‘Volume Down button” and hit the “Yes” icon as instructed by HP Help professionals.

Step 6: Press the “F9” button and select the “Boot” from the “EFI File” section. Users will be presented with 2 options namely “RECOVERY and the other one is SYSTEM” because they have the USB already connected to Power Hub. Select the “RECOVERY” icon and the “bootmgr.efi” command.

Step 7: Tablet will restart to boot automatically from the USB while starting the Windows Recovery process.

Step 8: When prompted, users need to select the Keyboard Layout to navigate to the “Troubleshoot” icon. Now, reset your PC while working with the arrow keys. If the drive partition or even the boot manager is not damaged, you will be prompt to have a recovery key.

Step 9: Well, if the drive partition or your boot manager is completely damaged, you will come across a Reset button will proceed and then, select “a target operating system”. You will automatically start with the recovery process which will reset the PC. Press the “Yes’ icon and then, choose the “Re-partition” icon. Choose the “Drives” icon and “fully Clean the Drive” option to go ahead with the Reset icon.

Step 10: Tablet will start installing the Windows 8 or 8.1 whichever operating system you will work with

Step 11: Upon completion, a BIOS screen will appear while asking users to clear off the “TPM Keys”. Select the “Yes” icon and a new Key to re-install your operating system in factory default settings.


Connect us at HP Stream Tablet Customer Care Number for the fastest online solutions! 

We are one of the leading tech support providers working 24*7 hours at HP Stream Tablet Customer Support Number to assist users in solving various related issues. Technicians working with us possess strong experience in the industry to study issue from its deep while delivering right solutions. Solutions to problems are delivered as fastest as possible while thinking from user’s viewpoint. Our professional focuses on delivering users the best of class replies by applying the latest market trends. So, feel free to call us anytime.


HP Chromebook 11: should you buy?

HP Chromebook has distinguish specification’s as compares to contemporary HP notebook, In HP Chromebook 11, a substantial keyboard, solid build quality and cozy design steel the glimpse of an eye. Moreover, the Chromebook has some stiff competition from others long battery durable notebook, but what if you always carry power cable to charge. Let’s find out what is wrong and what is right? We analyze the machine on certain parameter that may help you on taking buying decision.


 the machine appears to be modern, two toned, color palette and rounded edges, the laptop lid is sleek dull black along with HP silver logo standing out, on upper left corner chrome logo embedded to texture finish, the jagged texture in behind make it handy while carrying. The notebook is robust that you can use it without intensive care. The weight is 2.1 pound that is much lighter then Lenovo and dell Chromebook.

HP Chromebook 11

Key board and touch pad

The keyboard provides fairly good typing experience; the keys are fairly spacious that gives enough room for the professionals on long day work. The keys have 1.3 millimeters of travel that is bit narrow as compare to others 1.5 mm machine. The touch pad is button less that may be painful for button lovers but that is found in most expensive laptops, however it’s a little smaller, sometime your finger can go out of the box while navigating the pages.


The antiglare display doesn’t stand out unlike other notebook in similar price band, still the colors are faded out, brightness and vibrancy is missing and when viewing angle is changed, it got more worsening situation. Lenovo and dell Chromebook steal the show in display specification.

Chromebook Display

Audio ports and webcam

The audio was fairly surprising as compares to the Lenovo and dell, the voice quality and loudness both are quite good in this price band. You can watch the movies and listen songs in loud manner. Bass is still missing but once you get on the headphone, you will get it. The webcam works as proportional to lighting, if there is enough light in office, camera captures flash and bright images, whereas as dim lights, Images are filthy, dark and unclear.


The base model comes up with 2 GB RAM that goes up to the 4 GB with Intel Celeron processor, the laptop vary on performance, but if RAM goes to 4 GB it stabilizes the speed. The laptop can perform better in multiple tabs working.  The HP Chromebook just barely lost out to the 100S in the Browser mark test, which simulates common browser actions like resizing a screen, loading pages and running intensive graphics. The 100S scored 2,393, compared to the Chromebook 11 G4’s 2,362. Both the Dell Chromebook 13 and the 13-inch Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35 scored higher.

Operating system and software’s

If this first time you are working on Chromebook, you are not going to find learning breakthrough here, basically, the OS is preloaded chrome browser added with well-designed trick, once you will synchronize account your account with |Goolge account, you will see bookmarks, extensions, and 100 GB of Google drive storage additionally.

Generally, Chromebook best suits for general office and document work, it is ideal from web browsing, streaming videos, and speaker, so better you asses your need before you buy. For more detail information on Chromebook speak with our associate for consultation or HP Chromebook repair related queries.

Installing SSD on your HP Notebook to boost the performance

Installing SSD on your HP Notebook to boost the performance

Doesn’t matter if your HP notebook is year older or brand new, upgrading solid state disk will radically advances its performance. With speed boost as high as 250 percent on multiple task will surely boost the work performance of your PC, unlike other mechanical drives, which uses tiny metal head rolls over the magnetic platter.

What do you need?

For installation of SSD in your HP Notebook and transfer the files over it, you need a Philips screwdriver, and external drive enclosure, and disc cloning software that allows you to connect the data. Enclosures start at less than $10 and serve the purpose of both connecting your SSD to the notebook for the initial copy and turning your old hard drive into an external backup disk once it has been.

Check Your Data

If you have SSD, enclosure, software, you are about to start upgrade, however, before you put hand on screw driver, you must ensure that your hard drive does not have more space in use then your SSD can hold. Once you are sure you have a space, follow below instructions:


Put your SSD into the enclosure

Put your SSD into the enclosure


Connect it via notebook’s USB port.


Launch Acronis Migrate Easy and select Clone Disk


Select external drive as a destination disk and click next and OK couple of times, if it is asked whether you wanted to delete or partition a disk, say yes and your computer will reboot and will take 20 minutes to an hour to copy the data.

Select external drive as a destination disk


Turn of the notebook once cloning process ends and unplug it to the power. Remove SSD from enclosure and place it in a safe place.


Now open the notebooks hard drive upgrade panel and hold it in one place. Normally, the upgrade panel lies in the bottom of notebook, however in few notebooks; it lies on side of chassis. Check user manual if you are unable to locate the panel.

open the notebooks hard drive


Swap mounting bracket old hard drive to new SSD


Boot to test SSD, if it does not detect the drive, reopen it and make sure SSD is connected to SATA port. If drive is connected but has no operating system, repeat the cloning process. Now put old drive to the enclosure and connect it to the notebook and use as a back up drive.

best hp android tablet

How to Select Best Android Tablet Including HP?

Since its launch, Android is established as a best compact platform for the tablet. The mobile OS has successfully managed to leave its blue print in the tablet market. Its user-friendly interface and multiple applications in play store make it obvious choice for the user to purchase. Although, earlier, these features were inhabited in the smart phones at hefty prices, but androids free applications in play store created buzz all over. Many brands are offering android tablets including HP. Hp tablets regarded best class tablets for personal and professional usage. You can get more information on Hp tablet support phone number +1-800-297-9982.

How to choose a best android tablet?

best hp android tablet

Before you buy, ask yourself, why do you want to buy a new tablet? It is better to assess your usage, need, requirement before paying the price. Below are few checklist of before buy assessment.

Usage– technically, you do not pay price for the operating system, you pay for the tablet brand. Out of many tablets available in the market, think about your usage. Are you buying for your kids to educate? Or your tablet is mean for email communications and other business functions. Once you assess that what features your are looking for, find the suitable tablet that is built to match these features. Budgeting is also a major crucial point while selecting the tablet. Get more information on HP tablet repair.

Size— Once you decide the purpose of your purchase, think about the size of the tablet. Are you looking for compact size that may fit into your pocket? Or your purchased is meant to work in a big display. Comparatively, 7 inches tablets are less pricy than 10 inches tablet. Both sizes has its own advantage and disadvantages, for movies games and multimedia purpose, bigger display works better, and for compact and to carrying purpose, it’s better to go for 7 inches

Budget–Determine your budget after assessment, the price of the tablets may vary; it entirely depends on the features, brand, and configuration. Before taking purchase decision, compare all tablets in the market. Analyze the different tablets that fit into your budget.

HP Tablet Support

How to Get Best HP Tablet Technical Support by Reputed Technical Support Company?

Steps to Get the Good Assistance for HP Tablet from a Tech Support Company

Do not be worried about any sort of technical assistance for your HP tablet as there are many technical support companies out there that offer the best support for HP tablet. The best thing is to call the HP tablet support number +1-800-297-9982 of a genuine company. These guys will solve the problems regarding the usage and the applications.

What are the Areas of Assistance for the PC Tablet Help?

The good tech support companies offer HP tablet technical support in many key areas like installation of the new application and the removal of the old one, upgrading the new OS to the tablet, recovery of the password and retrieval, protection of virus and assistance of internet security, assistance of cache and history cleaning, checking the tablet performance, assistance for the connectivity and internet, assistance for factory data reset, synchronization of email into account, support for social networking profile integration, security assistance and data backup, HP tablet connectivity to the computer, troubleshooting help and general setting.

What do Good Companies offer for Tablet Repair?

The good companies offer transparent and quick services for HP technical support. They should offer value added and affordable technical support. There should be no registration and sign up hassles and there should be help from the best tech support professionals of industry.