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HP Touchpad Sleep Of Death Issue

How To Fix HP Touchpad Sleep Of Death Issue?

This problem occurs when the device has gone to wake mode from its sleep mode. The screen will completely turn off but when at the time of tapping the power button, the screen will never light up again. Fix HP Touchpad Sleep of death issue with appropriate guidelines available at our end.Fix HP Touchpad Sleep Of Death Issue

Steps to fix HP Touchpad Sleep of death issue

  • Reboot into its recovery mode: This will if users have installed accurate Recovery process on their tablet by following instructions listed on the screen. While working with the TouchPad, just press and hold the power button and then, choose the “reboot” option to select “recovery” option as suggested by HP Support expert professionals. Click “OK” to continue.
  • Then work with the volume buttons to easily scroll down into “install zip from sdcard and make a selection of an option by pressing the home button.
  • Now, choose “choose zip from sdcard” by tapping on “home button and work with the volume keys to easily navigate to its folder where the file is located.
  • As suggested by our expert team to HP TouchPad Sleep of death issue, just press the “home button’ and select it.
  • Then  select it with a combination of “home” button. Once done, work with the volume as well as home button to easily search the “main menu” and choose “reboot system now” option. Restart the device now.
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HP Touchpad Error Code: “3099”

How to Overcome from HP Touchpad Error Code: “3099”?

HP Touchpad Error Code: “3099” has high chances to occur due to wide variety of facts. If a user has encountered this error, then users are recommended to download HP Touchpad Error Code: “3099” repair tool initially. Continue reading