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Steps to Fix Boot Device Not Found or Hard Drive Not Detected Error in Windows 7/8/10

Computers have made our lives so easier! With its user-friendly features, computers let us do anything, well almost. With time, it is obvious to encounter tech glitches with your device. Boot Device Not Found is the most common issue that PC users face at least once. This error disrupts the normal functioning of your computer. Hence, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

The problem mainly occurs while you are trying to boot your system. Users get an error message that shows Boot Device is Not Found. The problem may lie in your external USB drives or internal hard drives. So how can you fix this error? Follow this article and see the troubleshooting process. This article will help you out from the Boot Device Not Found or Hard Drive Not Detected Error.

The error Boot Device Not Found or Hard Drive Not Detected refers to the bug checking process which usually indicates that the Windows operating system has completely lost its access to the system partition while startup phase. If this happens, then according to HP Technical Support team, the system usually shuts down itself after showing a clear Blue Screen or Stop Error to protect it from the possible data corruption or loss. If you want to fix Boot Device Not Found or Hard Drive Not Detected Error by yourself read below-mentioned steps.

What Are The Causes For The Boot Device Not Found?

As mentioned earlier, this is a common problem in the computers. In such cases, you must know the reason that leads to Boot Device Not Found or Hard Drive Not Detected Error. Here is the list of some reasons for the specific problem.

Booting your system from an unbootable disk

If you face the boot device not found an error, then it may occur when that you try to boot from an unbootable disk or device.

Corrupted bootable disk

Also, another reason for the issue may be due to corrupted bootable disk. If your device consists of any damaged bootable disk, then the problem might occur.

The boot sector is corrupted on the bootable hard drive

A damaged hard disk can also cause this problem.

Malware attacks

The appearance of viruses or malware in your system’s hard drive can cause the problem as well.

These are some common reasons for the boot device not found problem in your system. If none of the above causes hold true for you, then get in touch with us. We will detect the exact cause and deliver the most suitable solution.


Steps to Fix Boot Device Not Found or Hard Drive Not Detected Error

Step 1: Starting the PC

  • Turn on the computer to either boot it from the Windows 7 Installation DVD or Windows 7 System Recovery Disc.  Users need to remember that changes may be required to boot inside the BIOS to have the DVD drive boot first.

Step 2: Recovery Disc Loads

  • After the installation process or even the recovery disc loads, if prompted, HP Technical Support Phone Number professionals have advised users to select the choice of language settings and then continue further.  If user is using the installation DVD, then they need to select the “Repair your computer” option when prompted.

Step 3: Selection of Appropriate Windows Installation Process

  • The computer will next take a moment to complete the scan for any Windows installation process, after which users will likely be given a choice to easily select the type of installation they wish to repair.
  • Selection of an appropriate Windows installation from the list is essential to perform by users and then continue further.
  • If by chance, any issue arises in one of the Windows installations at this initial stage, then the system may also prompt users for trying to repair the issue automatically. It is up-to them whether they wish to let the system try to repair itself or not

Step 4: System Recovery Options 

  • Once users have reached the “System Recovery Options” screen, they will be provided with a list of choices that can help them in repairing a damaged Windows 7 operating system.
  • If they wish to try the “Startup Repair option” first, it is successful most often in automatically fixing various different start-up issues. But, working with the “Command Prompt” option to resolve your problems manually, we recommend you to work with the “Command Prompt “option continues.
  • At last, simply enter the following command and then press the “enter” button:

bootrec.exe /FixMbr

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