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How To Fix HP Error Code 49.XXXX? Easy Troubleshoots

This error is caused due to defects found in the printer’s firmware which needs to be upgraded. So, Fix HP error code 49.XXXX by applying the most effective solutions available at our end. Also, it is heard that the issues is responsible due to driver problems which can relate to a Jet Direct Card. While this issue occurs, it causes the processor on the formatter to abort the operation. This type of error is also responsible for invalid print commands, corrupted data or invalid operations. However there are cases where electrical noise arise within the cable which results in corrupted data during transmission to the printer. Follow below instructions to get rid of the problem faster.

Fix HP Error Code 49.XXXX

Steps to fix HP Error Code 49.XXXX :

Below we have jotted down recommended steps to help users fix HP error code 49.XXXX faster:

Step 1: Try and get your printing job again but keep in mind to follow instructions accurately such as deletion of the settings in the printer as well as internal printer settings.

Step 2: Now, press the “CANCEL JOB” icon to clear out your print job from the printer memory and turn off the printer device and switch it on again

Step 3: Try to print out jobs from a different software application and check whether the job prints or not? Navigate to the first application and try to print a different file all over again. If the message appears only in specific software application then, connect with the software vendor for assistance

Step 4: To HP error code 49.XXXX, it is advised by HP Support team to have a check whether the message still appears with different software applications.  Turn off the printer device and remove all memory DIMMs from your printer while ensuring that you have not removed the firmware DIMM in slot J1 section.

Step 5: Remove all EIO devices from the printer and turn it on. If the error no longer exists, then, install each DIMM and EIO device. Replace both of them and determine that it is the one causing this error to execute

Step 6: Do, remember to reconnect all of the cables that are connect to the printer or with the computer

Step 7: Check whether the error persists and if so then, replace the firmware DIMM. Replace all of the formatted as well as calibrate the printer if required.

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