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HP LaserJet Fuser Error 50.71

How To Fix HP LaserJet Fuser Error 50.7? Easy Guides

The above fuser problem is due to device mechanism error and as a result the device has come up with the fuser unit problem. Check our guidelines to fix HP LaserJet 50.7 fuser error in easy ways. However, if users are working with a surge protector then, it well and good to remove it first. According to experts, connect the product directly into its wall socket. Now turn on the product power. If still the message is there on the screen then, follow below guidelines:

Solutions to Fix HP LaserJet fuser error 50.7  are:-

HP LaserJet Fuser Error 50.7

Here we will explain two most common solutions to remove the error code:

Solution 1: Apply this first solution

  • Reconnect your connectors of the fuser motor, fuser unit home-position sensor, intermediate and the DC controller PCA
  • Have a check on the fuser pressure-release sensor and to do this, perform the paper-path test or go with a manual sensor test mode. This option will appear in the DIAGNOSTICS menu.
  • Check for the sensor flag of the fuser pressure-release sensor. To
    hp printer fuser
    , check whether the sensor flag is in ok state or not?
  • Replace its fuser and go to the next state.
  • Now, perform the fuser motor test as well as fuser pressure-release-motor component tests in the DIAGNOSTICS section.
  • Replace its fuser motor as well as the fuser.

Solution 2: This is the second solution which is an alternate to the first one

  • This is another solution as per as HP LaserJet support The first step is to power off the device and wait at-least for 30 seconds.
  • Switch on the product power and wait for a while to initialize it. If still the message is there on the screen then, go to the next step.
  • Switch off the device and wait for at-least 25 minutes. Turn on the device first.

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