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How to Fix HP Printer Error 14 And 16

HP printers are widely preferred printing devices preferred by thousands of users but sometimes it may come across unexpected error codes namely error 14 and error 16. There are a wide number of reasons why these error codes may occur. The error code 14 is due to faulty paper control PCA which is a board mounted to the DC power supply and is located at the extreme right front corner of the printer device.  While on the other hand, the error code 16 generally occurs due to empty toner cartridge or may be the toner in cartridge is not placed evenly. Below are steps to Fix Error 14 and Error 16 in HP Printer with detailed explanation of each step.

fix hp error 14

Steps to Troubleshoot Error 14 And Error 16 in HP Printer

Solution to Error Code 14 in HP Printers

If you see that there are no toner cartridge or even if the cartridge is not fully placed then, it is advised to pull it out and then, install it again. Now, on the IIP/IIIP, connections for high voltage are completely made which is located towards left side of the printer for easy installation process of the cartridge.

Now, press all spring contacts for some time and look for micro switches where a clicking sound can be heard. Users need to ensure that at least one of the two drum sensitivity tabs are present. The next thing is to perform a check of the toner cartridge micro switch on the high voltage PCB – SW501. It is advised for users to check the door to open the sensor (PS402) which is located on the terminal board just under the transfer roller.

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Solution for Error Code 16 in HP Printers

To get rid of the issue, just shake the toner cartridge from side to side and from front to back section. This can generally have 100 or even more pages. If you have bad or even dirty cartridge contacts then, look for various conductive contacts on the cartridge and also for corresponding contacts in the printers. Make sure that they are cleaned and free from unwanted particles. Perform a check for any defective high voltage power supply to remove the issue completely. Now, carefully check for open door sensor flag which is PS1. Check for a toner level sensor as well as the toner cartridge itself for any kind of damage. Since the issue can also be caused by defective DC controller, you check for it once. Users can also perform this action by substituting a good DC controller.


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