Amazing Ways to Fix HP Error Code 601

Hewlett Packard is one of the biggest names in the personal computing industry. Due to the quality of their products and services, they have millions and millions of customers around the world. Although it is excellent, it can cause trouble occasionally. The HP Error Code 601 is one of the reported glitches to occur.

You can fix the issue yourself easily with the information from this article.

HP Error Code 601

Issues Behind The HP Error Code 601

The HP error code 601 is an error that can hold up the proper functioning of your HP laptop. This shows up in the form of an error message and can be very frustrating at times. What you need to know first, is that this is an issue related to the battery. There are two batteries in a laptop, one is the primary battery, the removable one. And the other is the CMOS battery, which you can find inside the laptop. The hp battery alert error code 601 is related to the primary battery. This particularly signifies that the battery storage capacity is lower than normal. To be specific, when the current storage capacity is about a quarter of what it should be, this error is likely to happen.

How To Fix The HP Error Code 601

This section contains the methods which you can carry out to fix this issue. But at the same time, be very careful while doing this to prevent adverse effects on your HP laptop.

Start Your Laptop Without Battery

Turn off your computer first, and then unplug the power supply. Once you’ve done that, go forth and take out the battery. Press and thus hold down the battery for about 20 seconds. Attach the power cable to the charging port after that and power it up. Finally, start your laptop again. The error might go away from here. But if it is still there, there are other ways also.

Perform A Battery Test

Within the System diagnostics set of functionalities in an HP laptop, there is a feature for checking the battery health. This might help fix the problem. What you got to do is first turn your PC off. After that, boot it up and press the Esc key to get to the Startup menu. Once there, hit the f2 key and thus open the ‘Battery Test’ option. From there on, you’ll find detailed on-screen instructions. Follow them to execute the process of Battery Test properly.

Re-attach Your Battery

This is the simplest way to fix this problem. You can consider going for this before any of the others. So, just shut down your computer and disconnect it from the power supply. Take out the battery and hold down on the power button for like 25 seconds. Re-attach the battery and switch it on, and see if the error message is gone.

Get A New Battery

If none of those as mentioned above methods deliver you relief, then might be your battery is damaged. So for that, you would have to get yourself a new one.

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