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Frustrated with the poor performance of your GPU? Tired of frame rate drops? Cooling pads having no positive effects in your laptop over heating? All your technical problems need only one stop that is our HP Nvidia Laptop Support. We believe in less talks and more action. Kindly go through our services that are listed below:

  • Updating and configuring your GPU.
  • Cleaning of your laptop’s hardware and software.
  • Defragmenting your HP Nvidia Laptop’s hard disk.
  • Replacement of your laptop’s battery.
  • Remedy to boost up your clock speed to give you a much wider gaming experience.
  • Steps to configure your BIOS according to your need
  • Troubleshooting for hardware failures.

HP Nvidia Laptop: A New Era of Graphical Representation.

To start up with what do you think is different with HP Nvidia laptops from its competitors in the market? Is it the high power GPU or sleek design making it extremely handy? To answer your question let me give you a brief description of HP Nvidia Laptops.

Its Photorealistic Optimus graphics is a technology designed by Nvidia to maximize battery power while proving an enhanced graphical experience. Using only Intel Integrated graphics maximizes efficiency but will not be able to provide the best gaming experience.

HP Nvidia Laptop’s Pros and Cons:

Like every coin has both sides even every device has its negative and positive effect. Let us discuss about the experiences you might derive by using your HP Nvidia Laptop.


  1. Over heating of your battery.
  2. Display of blue screen of death.
  3. FPS getting dropped constantly decreasing gaming performance.
  4. Lags while playing 4k resolution games.
  5. Unable to install proper driver for your GPU.


  1. It uses the latest processor.
  2. Its specifications are high end in affordable prices.
  3. It’s has a touch screen display.
  4. The connection port includes USB, HDMI, Card reader and Bluetooth.

Increase efficiency of your HP Nvidia Laptop:

One of the main reasons which hinder your experience with your HP Nvidia gaming laptop is due to dust getting stored inside. In that case notice the vents in your laptop which allows the air to flow. If your laptop’s vents are covered with dust then there will be no air flow resulting to overheating of your HP Nvidia Laptop.

If dust is being accumulated in the vents, you should clean your laptop by blowing out the dust. This will not allow dust to accumulate in your vents and hence will provide you a hassle free gaming experience.

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