HP Print And Scan Doctor: Learn How To Use Printer Troubleshooter Efficiently

When you are using an HP printer, there is no way you can just enjoy its benefits without facing any technical error. You can experience issues including problems in the scanner, printer, obtaining printouts and other hardware or software errors. What if you can install an advanced tool that can help to address most of the problems in your HP printer. So, this is when the free utility program of HP Print and Scan Doctor comes into the picture. To know more about this software and how to troubleshoot HP printer issues with it, check out this article.

HP Print and Scan Doctor 

How Does HP Print And Scan Doctor Works For Troubleshooting Printer Problems?

Windows have introduced this free tool HP Print and Scan Doctor Download for its users for resolving common problems in their printing machines. It is a useful software that can fix issues including printing, scanning and many more. So, if you are using HP printer along with Windows OS in your computer, this Print and Scan Doctor is the most compatible and convenient program for most users.

Issues You Can Troubleshoot With Print and Scan Doctor Tool

If you choose to install this software on your computer, it can scan your printer for possible errors. So, go through the following problems that HP Scan and Print Doctor can fix easily.

  • Connectivity Issues In Your Device
  • Printer Showing Offline Status
  • Printing Stuck Problem
  • Quality Issues In Your Printouts

This Is How HP Print and Scan Doctor Troubleshoots Printer Issues

If you want to learn how to run this program and start fixing printer issues, go through the following steps.

  1. First, download the Print and Scan Doctor tool on your computer. Make sure, this is the one connected to the HP printer. Then, apply the steps that are prompted on your computer as on-screen instructions. It will then install this program and display a Welcome window on the display.
  2. As you hit on ‘Start’, it will show the list of printers available or connected nearby. In case you can’t see your HP printer on the list, check the link of ‘My product is not listed’ on the window. Otherwise, you can select the device manually and check out instructions to troubleshoot your printer using this tool.
  3. So, if you can view your HP printer within the list of ‘Choose your product’, click on the icon. The window will also display the installation status of your device. Hence, you can install the HP printer drivers on your computer if it has not been done yet. So, click on the printer whose status will be visible as ‘Installed’.
  4. Click on ‘Next’ button and you will have the option to choose between ‘Fix Scanning’ or ‘Fix Printing’. As you select the type of fix that Print and Scan Doctor should perform, it will start the task. The software will begin to find the printing or scanning issues in your printer and show the test results.
  5. In case, you get a green tick icon as the result, it means the printer is error-free. Whereas, if you receive the symbol of a wrench, then the software will start the repairing process as there can be an issue.
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Dial HP Support Number +1-800-297-9982 for Instant Help

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From this article, you might fail to understand much about HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows especially if you are not a tech-savvy person. So, you can consult our HP Printer Support team to explain how this free software works.

If you want to reach us for more info on this printer troubleshooter tool, call our HP Printer Support Number. You can also contact the executives through our email address or interact with technicians via the Live Chat portal.