How To Take Screenshot On HP Computer, Laptop, Tablet?

HP is one of the most well-known brands, known for its excellent technological devices. HP  devices come with enormous features and speculations. However, some users are curious about ‘How to Screenshot on HP?. Consequently, this article gives you multiple ways to take screenshots on the HP laptops and tablets.

Screenshot on HP

Why You Can’t Take Screenshot On HP Laptops: Hardware Overlays Issue

On the Windows Operating System, screenshots of games and media players sometimes crash, appearing in a blank rectangle. It causes as the graphics are skirting the whole screen and going to a high-speed graphics processor on the graphics card by using a program called hardware overlay.

Generally, there are no ways to figure out a math figure outside the graphics card, although the software may exist for certain video cards.

Excellent Tricks: How To Screenshot On HP Device

If you need to take a shot or picture on your HP device screen and you want to save it to upload it or show to others then follow the neat tricks given below.

Trick 1: Shortcut On Keyboard

HP devices are mostly running on Windows Operating System and Windows allow you to take a screenshot or capture a picture of your screen. You need to press the PrtSn key. You can also press Fn key + PrtSn key together or hold the Win key + PrtSn key.s

If you are using Windows 7 press the PrtSn key your device takes a screenshot of your screen and save it in the Clipboard.

For the users of Windows 10 or Windows 8.1, when you press the shortcut key, then it will take a picture of the entire device of the screen. It will save on the Screenshot folder which you can find on the Pictures folder. Otherwise, you can directly search for the Screenshot folder on the Windows Search option.

This process is admittedly helpful, but you can take the full screen.

Trick 2: Screenshot On HP Tablets

HP Tablets or HP mobile device runs on the two Operating platforms, one is Windows and another one is Android. Both devices have the same method to take a screenshot. Now, press the Volume Down key and the Power key of your device.

After that, the mobile device takes a screenshot automatically and save it to the Photos Gallery section.

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