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How To Fix HP Envy Error Code OX02b7c2ed? Quick Hacks

Fix HP Envy Error Code OX02B7C2EDHP Laptop are widely used devices by users across the world. But it has become more prominent in these recent years due to its advanced working functionality which it holds. But inspire of its well-known architecture, the device may sometimes suffer from severe error issues and one such among them is error OX02b7c2ed. This is an error problem which occurs when there is a defect while the power button is flashing and as a result you come across error OX02b7c2ed SM_MODULE C. our top expert technicians have discussed solutions to Fix HP Envy Error OX02B7C2ED with appropriate explanation of each of them.


Solutions to Troubleshoot HP Envy Error OX02B7C2ED

Solution 1: This process will entirely deal with a hard reset mode to solve the problem

  • Users while dealing with this error should first leave the printer on and unplug the power cable from the printer as well as from the wall outlet for at-least 60 seconds.
  • Now, carefully reconnect the appropriate power cable to your printer device as well as to the wall outlet but not in the surge protector. This process will further ensure that the printer is receiving full power supply.
  • The last step is to make sure whether the printer is properly connected to a wall outlet. While checking out this step, make sure that you are not using the power bar or even a surge protector.
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Solution 2: If the above solution did not work out for you then, try the second one described below

  • Make sure all of your printer cartridges are well compatible to the device
  • Now, carefully remove, inspect, and then, reseat all of your printer cartridges
  • The next thing what a user need to do is to remove as well as reinsert all printer’s cartridges carefully
  • Clean out your cartridge contacts now and restart the printer device
  • It is advised for users to identify all the cartridge for the purpose of replacing it
  • Load all of the paper and then, replace your printer cartridge
  • At last, your printer is ready to work back in normal state.

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