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How To Fix HP Envy Printer Error OXB80956B8?

The error usually occurs when users are turning on the printer device. This issue is basically confined to HP Envy model when users are working with it.  Below we have steps discussed by expert professionals to fix HP Envy printer Error OXB80956B8.

Fix HP Envy Printer Error OXB80956B8

Steps to fix HP Envy printer error OXB80956B8

We have below steps explained by HP Printer Support expert professionals to overcome the error code in easy ways.

While you have kept the printer in “ON” mode, it is requested by professionals to remove the ink cartridges and then, unplug its power cord from the back of the printer.

Turn off your wireless router and wait at-least for 60 seconds

Now, connect the printer’s power cord and check whether this error code has subsided or not?

Now, install all of the ink cartridges when prompted and have a check whether this issue appears again or not. If yes then, move to the next step and HP Envy printer error OXB80956B8.

Step 5: As suggested by tech support team, power on the router. If still the issue appears then, connect to ISP and have a check whether there are any updates of the firmware on router. Alternatively, try to change the channel to 11 and Mode = B/g/n. If the issue still happens to exist then, it’s time to replace the printer device now. 

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