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How to Resolve HP Battery Alert Issue? Step By Step Guide

HP Battery AlertHP Battery Alert Issue appears before windows starts. It’s happen because HP utilities perform system validation in different phases such as examine to primary battery capacity and also checked for any other secondary installed battery. If your computer does not pass these tests then it shows boot up error code 601 for primary (internal) battery.

HP Battery storage capacity is the total amount of energy that a battery holds the capability to store to easily power a portable device such as a notebook computer. The lower the storage capacity of a battery, the shorter the amount of time it can easily power a portable device.

All the rechargeable batteries, according to HP Computer Support team of professionals, have gradually lost their storage capacity to store. This kind of loss in the storage capacity is known as irreversible and cannot be restored at all. The maximum storage capacity of any new battery can be quite different from the maximum storage capacity of a battery after one year of use. So, it is always advised.

Steps to Fix HP Battery Alert Issue

Step 1: Perform a Battery Test

  • To resolve a Battery Alert message, it is advised by HP tech support experts to perform a Battery Test in the System Diagnostics (F2) environment, by enabling the battery for the best usage performance.
  • To access the HP System Diagnostics Battery Test, a user simply needs to turn on the computer and then immediately press the esc key button to display the Startup Menu easily.
  • Further one needs to press the System Diagnostics F2 key, and then carefully select the “Battery Test” option

Step 2: Hold Button

  • Users are asked to simply hold the power button for at least five seconds in a day to easily turn off the computer.

Step 3: Working with the “F2” Key

  • Turn on the computer first and then instantly press the F2 button for at-least once in every second until you find that the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI menu has been displayed in the screen.

Step 4: Component Test Feature

  • Click on the “Component Tests” just located right to the main menu.
  • Next, in the list of “Component Tests” section, you simply need to click on the “Power” button. Next, in the list of Power Tests section, just tap on the “Battery” option.
  • On the “Battery Test” section, simply click on the “Run once” section. The Battery Test will then begin to work

Step 5: After Completion of Testing Procedure

  • When the testing is completed, then first line on the Battery Check page will clearly displays the status of the battery. If the user’s battery has passed, then click on the “Main Menu” or simply click on the “Battery Details” for more knowledge.


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Downgrade from Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 to Windows 7

How to Downgrade from Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 to Windows 7?

At the time of downgrade from Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 to Windows 7, there are two different, but similar, paths. If a user is having a Windows 10, 8.1, 8 Professional key, then according to HP technical support team, they can easily download to Windows 7 Professional for absolutely free. Else, it will be the case where they will be in need of an unused Windows 7 key to downgrade. Regardless of the fact whether they need to work with an unused key or not, the general process will entirely be the same.

Downgrade from Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 to Windows 7

Steps to Downgrade from Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 to Windows 7

Part 1 will take you through the preparation process to downgrade to Windows 7

  • Check for the Windows 8 version to see whether you are qualifying the terms needed for downgrade rights?
  • Obtain a valid Windows 7 Professional product key to start the process.
  • A user needs to ensure whether the PC has Windows 7 drivers installed in it or not?
  • One can choose between a driver disks which comes as an optional part. I
  • Find or even a user can make a Windows 7 Professional installation disc easily in few steps.
  • Back up all of your essential files from the system.

Part 2 teaches you about the steps involved in downgrading to Windows 7

  • Enable the legacy boot process which will be available in the UEFI settings menu.
  • Insertion of the Windows 7 installation disc or even a USB drive is a mandatory steps and then reboot the system.
  • Boot carefully from the disc which you have with you.
  • Start the Windows 7 installation process thereafter.
  • Proceed through all the Windows 7 installation steps.
  • Selection of the driver which has Windows 8 installed when prompted is an essential step to consider by users.
  • Enter the Windows 7 Professional key details which you found when you were prompted.
  • Complete your installation process and then load the desktop.

Part 3 is all about activating the Windows 7 Installation

  • Open up the “Activation” window if you find that it doesn’t open on automatic mode.
  • Dial the phone number which will appear at the time fail in the activation process.
  • Enter the code which is provided by the Microsoft to activate Windows is an essential task.
  • Install all the required drivers needed by you.

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Steps to Connect HP PC to HDMI TV

Connecting HP PC to HDMI TV in few easy step

Attaching HDMI TV to your computer enables users to see pictures on the large screen and simultaneously streams online media files via broadband connectivity. You can watch movies; play music files, video games. However, connecting HDMI TV to the PC can be bit tricky if not guided with trained professionals. We bring you few tips on connecting HDMI TV to the PC.

Connecting HP PC to HDMI TV

  • Turn off the power of your computer and follow the cable that leads to monitor from CPU, the cable will be inserted in the output of video card, there will be another port directly linked next to it either DVI or VGA variety, nowadays most computer and laptops embedded with HDMI port.
  • Identify the HDMI output on your computer; you can connect HDMI port via cable to your TV. However, in case you have only one port, it cannot solely use for the video card, you have to buy a new video card. Purchase another DVI or HDMI output.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to your computer, install adaptor to your computer. Unless your computer has HDMI output, cords will also need to be connected from the sound card output to the HDMI video cable, because HDMI transmits both video and audio signals.
  • Reboot your PC and open the homepage, click on setting and select control panel, navigate the display setting, and click on change display setting, a manual list displays the screen resolution it supports. Click the resolution that supports to your system. Reboot your PC to apply these settings to your desktop.

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