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HP Check Printer Cartridge Error Issue

How To fix HP Check Printer Cartridge Error Issue?

Error message on the HP printer most of the times will prevent users to print unless they are clearing the error. Fix HP check printer cartridge error issue with the help of our expert guidelines available at our end. Also, one can experience this issue due to incorrect ink cartridge, flashing cartridge light problems, a bad color cartridge. Fix the issue by replacing the cartridge easily.

fix HP Check Printer Cartridge Error Issue 

Steps to fix HP Check Printer Cartridge error issue:

Step 1: Switch on the printer and open up the cover where the ink cartridge is located. Remove your cartridge and try to place it back in the carriage. Close the cover and switch off the printer

Step 2: Turn on the HP printer device and print a test page. Try to connect this issue and move onto the next step

Step 3: To fix HP check printer cartridge error issues, switch on the printer and try to open up the cover where the ink cartridge is situated. Remove this cartridge. Remove your cartridge with the help of clean, lint-free, dry cloth and wipe the contacts.

Step 4:  Wipe this device from the top to the bottom. Place your HP ink cartridge again in the carriage. Turn off the printer off for a minute and switch on the device. Print a test page.

Step 5: Switch on the HP Deskjet or Photosmart printer and open up the cover and then, remove both the black as well as color cartridge. Close the cover. Remove your power cord from the outlet to disconnect all cables running to the computer or a router. Wait for a minute, plug in the power cord as well as cables

Step 6: Open the cover as per HP Printer support service team where users have to install the black and color ink cartridges. Turn on the printer.

Step 7: Print your test page and if this does not work then, try to correct your problem.  Turn on the HP Officejet printer. Unplug the power cord from the back side of the printer device and wait one minute.

Step 8: Plug the printer’s power cord and press to hold the “Power” button till it switches on.

Step 9: Print the test page to check whether the problem is removed or not

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How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 3.0? Step BY Step Guides

The aforesaid error is a paper jam problem which arises in HP printers while users are working with it. This happens in the location A which is non-specific paper jam problem that has occurred. Fix HP printer error code 3.0 by applying future effective solutions.  Our technical team has penned down easy steps to help users overcome the error without any hassle

Fix HP Printer Error Code 3.0

Steps to fix HP Printer Error Code 3.0:

1: The very first thing is to remove jammed media from the device’s specified location.

2: To HP Printer error code 3.0, it is suggested to verify the paper tray whether it is fully closed or not?

3: As suggested by HP Printer support technicians, do inspect or simply replace the feed as well as separation rollers.

4: Now, ensure that there is no obstruction happening in the path such as a torn piece of paper.

5: At last, try to open and close the top cover of the device to clear up the message.

6: as suggested by technical experts, do have a check on the sensors as well as flags for a proper operation to be performed.

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HP Printer Error Code 41.3

How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 41.3? Quick Steps

The error is named as an unexpected paper problem where the device has detected a media size that is different from what it was expected. The issue is caused when more than one sheet is sticking together in the printer or the tray is not properly adjusted. Fix HP printer error code 41.3 by applying appropriate remedies available at our end.

Fix HP Printer Error Code 41.3

Steps to fix HP Printer Error Code 41.3:

Step 1: Reload the tray by working with the correct print media size. Do ensure that media in the tray is fully loaded right under the front and at the back tabs.

Step 2: As suggested by HP Printer support technicians, if users are working with printing from tray 1, then, it is essential to verify that paper size is accurate which should be selected in the control panel.

Step 3:  If users are working on printing device from tray 2, 3, or 4, then, to HP Printer error code 41.3, do verify that all the three paper-size adjustments on the paper tray have been made correctly. At last, do ensure that the media is right under all corner tabs.

Step 4: After performing all the above steps, press “GO” icon. The page containing the error will be reprinted if there are jam recovery which is enabled. However, it is to be noted that, for the 4000, 4050, and 4100 series of HP, the paper feed assembly could be damaged completely.

Step 5: Now, the paper feed or other registration sensors will be knocked out of place. On EX engine printers, it is said that this error is caused by a cause of bad PIU (paper input unit). 

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How To Fix HP Printer Scan Error WIA? Step By Step Guides

The issue appears when you are trying to work with the HP printer scan. Below we have various to fix HP Printer scan error WIA that are easy for users to apply as well. Let’s follow these below methods and check whether it will help us remove the technical error code or not?

Fix HP Printer Scan Error WIA

Methods to fix HP Printer Scan Error WIA:

Method 1: Restart the dependencies services

Follow instructions below to go ahead with this process

  • Click on Start and move to ‘Search box and type “services” without quotes.
  • Now, scroll down until a “Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)’ option will appear.
  • As per HP printer support service team, double click on it and click on “Dependencies’ icon. You will come across various services listed.
  • Exit from that window and search for Remote Procedure Call (RPC).
  • Ensure whether it is manual or an automatic process. Make sure that the service is working though.
  • Go to Shell Hardware Detection section and double click on it.
  • Set the ‘Start-up” type as a “Manual” process and hit “Apply” button.
  • Click on the “Start” button to resume the service and check for any issue if found?

 Method 2: Check whether the WIA service is working or not. To do this, execute below steps

  • Click start icon and type “services.msc” command in the search bar. It should be without any quotes. Press “enter” button to work further.
  • Search for Windows Image Acquisition service and start to work with the service
  • Install the WIA driver on the computer and follow all instructions as guided.

This was another method to fix HP Printer scan error WIA. 

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How To Fix HP Printer Separation Pad Issue?

The issue will appear when users have fed more than one page at once. Here it is necessary to modify the printer separation pad. Fix HP Printer separation pad issue with our expert guidelines. Also, users may come across a recurring page feed issues which will indicate that the printer separation pad is worn out.

Fix HP Printer Separation Pad Issue

Steps to fix HP Printer Separation Pad issue:

Step 1: Replace your printer’s separation pad

  • The first thing is to unplug the power cord from your printer to cool down your printer.
  • Now, remove all the input trays. Search for the blue separation pad and remove it from the spring-loaded base. Users need to insert a flat-edged screwdriver into the slot right under the separation pad.
  • Reach through opening and push up the spring-loaded base down with single hand. Pull up the separation pads with another hand.
  • Users should now position their new separation pad into the slot and search for the input tray opening. Push up the spring-loaded base down and try to remove both sides of the separation pad into place.
  • Reinsert your pickup roller, print cartridge as well as the input trays. Plug into the printer to switch it on again.

Step 2: Replace the pickup roller

  • To fix HP Printer separation pad issue, unplug your power cord from the printer to allow it to cool.
  • Open up the print cartridge door to gently remove the print cartridge. Search for the pickup roller now.
  • Release both small as well as white tabs which is there on each sides of the pickup roller. Carefully push them away from the roller, and rotate it to pick-up toward the front.
  • Pull up the roller up from the device and try to position the new pickup roller into the slot of the previous one.
  • Rotate it into position till the white tabs on each side of the roller snap will appear accurately.
  • Reinstall print cartridges and close its door.
  • Plug in the printer to switch it on again

Step 3: Clean out your printer pickup roller from inside out

  • As per as HP Printer support service technicians, dampen a soft cloth in water to scrub the roller gently.
  • Wipe out the pick-up roller to remove dirt.
  • At last, allow pickup roller to let it dry completely before you are installing it within the printer.
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How To Fix HP Envy Printer Error OXB80956B8?

The error usually occurs when users are turning on the printer device. This issue is basically confined to HP Envy model when users are working with it.  Below we have steps discussed by expert professionals to fix HP Envy printer Error OXB80956B8.

Fix HP Envy Printer Error OXB80956B8

Steps to fix HP Envy printer error OXB80956B8

We have below steps explained by HP Printer Support expert professionals to overcome the error code in easy ways.

While you have kept the printer in “ON” mode, it is requested by professionals to remove the ink cartridges and then, unplug its power cord from the back of the printer.

Turn off your wireless router and wait at-least for 60 seconds

Now, connect the printer’s power cord and check whether this error code has subsided or not?

Now, install all of the ink cartridges when prompted and have a check whether this issue appears again or not. If yes then, move to the next step and HP Envy printer error OXB80956B8.

Step 5: As suggested by tech support team, power on the router. If still the issue appears then, connect to ISP and have a check whether there are any updates of the firmware on router. Alternatively, try to change the channel to 11 and Mode = B/g/n. If the issue still happens to exist then, it’s time to replace the printer device now. 

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How To Fix HP Cartridges Locked To Another Printer Error?

If the HP printer is giving this message then, it signifies that something is wrong with its cartridge protection. It sounds as if like the issue is directly connected to printer firmware. So, fix HP cartridges locked to another printer error with suitable guidelines at HP Printer Customer Support Number +1-800-297-9982. However one will be displayed with a message as “Used or counterfeit ink cartridge detected “. We do understand users’ frustration about this error message but below are guidelines instructed to get rid of the problem in easy ways. 

Fix HP Cartridges Locked To Another Printer Error

Steps to fix HP cartridges locked to another printer error

Before applying the actual solution, the very first thing is to remove, disable or bypass the cartridge protection setting on the HP printer. These are needed to use either for printer control settings or for printers’ IP address for printers that are well connected to the internet.

Step 1: For non-internet connected printers:

Here as advised by HP Printer Support team, the device as well as the printer section should be found in the control panel and select the HP printer. Find the cartridge protection tab in the HP toolbox and then, click on “disable cartridge protection” icon. Save all of the changes now.

Step 2: For internet connected printers:

Go to the printer section and in the settings menu search for suitable printers’ IP address. A point to be noted that users are needed to type into a browser search bar to help navigate to the printer configuration page. Click on “settings” icon and then tap on “disable cartridge protection” option.

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HP Printer Error Code 409

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 409?

Depending on your HP Printer, a fax error code might display on the printer control panel or on a fax history report anytime and you will need to instant Fix HP Printer Error Code 409. Get the most reliable solutions to get rid the problem by approaching us at dialing HP Support Number.

Therefore, this error is related to fax error, or remote side and printer. It generally occurs during a V.34 transmission, the local machine is unable to connect (handshake) with the remote machine and is therefore unable to send a T30 frame. This happens when the line is disconnected or if line conditions degrade during the session. Then you don’t need to worry about it, as this issue is faced by many users and easily solve it. Then, follow the below-defined steps to fix this fax error in an instant way.

Fix HP Printer Error Code 409

Steps to Fix HP Printer Error Code 409:-

Step 1:- Remove the Phone Line

First of all, you should remove any pass-through devices from the phone line, and then try the fax again.

Step 2:- Confirm that the Fax/Phone Cable

After then you have to confirm that the fax/phone cable that is no longer than necessary and that it doesn’t pass near unprotected electric motors such as heaters, fans, or household appliances.

Step 3:-Send the Fax Again

Then you need to try to send the fax when telephone line conditions have enhanced.

You will notice that after send and attempt to obtain the fax again when telephone-line conditions have improved.

I hope, this process resolved the issue, and you can continue with your HP printer.

In case, if the issue persists, then connect experts to get quick support.

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How to Fix HP Printer Error 0x80073b01?

This is Window Defender error that executes in HP devices when the software stops protecting users from dangerous malware attacks as well as viruses. So, in order to avoid any serious issue within the device, it is advised to Fix HP Printer Error 0x80073b01 by impending at HP Customer Support Number 1-800-297-9982. The software is basically used to remove viruses from the operating systems in HP computers. However, when users are working with the Window defender an error message will somehow occur on the screen. This should be fixed immediately.

Fix HP Printer Error 0x80073b01 

Steps to fix HP Printer Error 0x80073b01

Step 1: The first and the foremost step is to suspend all your unwanted applications that are running in the Windows Task Manager. To do this, just open up the “Task Manager” and then, simply press the “CTRL+ALT+DEL” icon.

Step 2: User are recommended by HP Customer Service team to undo all hidden folders as well as files. What one needs to do is simply to click the “Start Menu” and then, open up the “Control Panel” section. Go ahead to search for “Folder” option.

Step 3: In the third step, navigate to the “folder option” by tapping on view tab as well as uncheck the “hide protected operating system files” option. Now, mark a checkbox with the tick mark to make all of your hidden files and folders visible. Tap “OK” icon again and continue further.

Step 4: Check for any damaged installation issues related security software installed by users. To get rid of this problem, follow below guidelines namely:

The first thing is to click on “Win+R” keys together to run the dialog box. Also, type the “regedit” icon and press “OK” button to open up your “Registry editor”.

Step 5: Delete all of the Connected Files by typing below commands:

  • C:\Program Files\<random>
  • C:\Window\Temp\<random>.exe
  • %AppData%\<random>.exe
  • %CommonAppData%\<random>.exe
  • %temp%\<random>.exe

Step 6: Delete all of the records, history section as well as internet cookies. To do this, perform below steps:

  • Open up the internet explorer and then, navigate to the “tools” section. Now, simply click on the internet option to choose the “advanced” icon, visible in the internet options dialog box. Click the “reset” button and then, check for “delete personal settings” icon and choose “reset” button.
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HP Error 501

How To Fix HP BIOS Error 501?

This is basically an HP BIOS start up error where your BIOS won’t be found at all. This is because either it is corrupted or is missing. So, Fix HP BIOS Error 501 by approaching for a professional help at HP Customer Support Number +1-800-297-9982. Further if we see then, the issue further results from working with INFO button launch HP EFI Application. However, if the operating system cannot find the EFI partition then, also issue results in such unexpected faults. Below are steps discussed to get rid of the issue in easy ways.

Fix HP BIOS Error Code 501

Steps to Fix HP BIOS Error 501 or Bios Application Error (501)

Solution 1: Try our first solution to fix the problem in easy ways

Step 1: The very first thing is to enter the “BIOS” mode by just pressing F10 button while users are in the middle of booting up

Step 2: Users are advised by HP Customer Service team to navigate to the “System Configuration” as well as on the “Device Configurations” section.

Step 3: The next thing is to search for the option known as HP Quicklook or HP Quicklook 2. The next thing is simply set it to “Disabled” option

Step 4: At last, just save all of the modification made by you and then, exit carefully

Solution 2: If the first solution did not seems to be working out then, try this out

Step 1: Here, users first need to insert their Windows installation disc and restart the computer
Step 2: Secondly, users are advised to click on their choice language settings and tap the “Next” icon
Step 3: Click and repair the computer now

Solution 3: The last solutions is all about working with “SAFE MODE”

  • Choose the Safe mode to fix the error code faster:
  • Safe mode with the networking as well as with the command prompt
  • Also, one can choose to work with the last known good configuration process which will be in advanced form
  • Start your Windows system in normal mode now
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