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How to Fix HP Computer No Boot Device Available Error Problem?

No Boot Device error in general appears when you computer OS cannot find the bootable device. To Fix Computer No Boot Device Available Error Problem, you need to broaden you research. This error typically appears during booting the operating system. Here the bootable device is your hard disk which as usual boots itself up due to certain reasons. All HP Printers often bugged by this error. But with suitable solutions, it can be fixed right away.

There are many reasons due to which your PC OS cannot find the bootable hard disk or hard disk boot sector. In some cases, corrupted hard disk or damaged MBR make this error to come up. Virus infection and improper resetting of computer OS is other prime for this error.


Beneficial Solutions to Troubleshoot Computer No Boot Device Available Error Problem:

This error is not as much difficult as it might seem. To fix such sort of problems, you first need to get to the roots of these errors and thus draw a ground work. Here, you can find the appropriate solutions to deal with the error in minimal time possible. To know more, visit HP Tech Support services as early as possible.

Solution 1: Perform an Automatic Repair

  • Reboot the Windows Operating System by placing the Windows DVD. You need to keep in mind that the used DVD should be compatible to the OS that you are using.
  • As the boot process complete, Windows setup page will pop up. Click on Next.
  • Now, hit on Repair your Computer Option followed by clicking on Troubleshoot.
  • Next choose Advanced Option button and thus click on Automatic Repair.
  • Now choose the corrupt OS that need to be repaired. An automatic repair process will start.
  • As the process complete, look for the error again.

Solutions 2: Use Troubleshooter Option

  • First of all, type Troubleshooter in the search box and choose Troubleshoot.
  • Secondly, you need to hit on Run the Troubleshooter option under Windows Update.
  • As the troubleshooting completes, reboot your system and look for the error again.
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Solution 3: Check Through SFC Scan

  • Press Windows + R to open Command Prompt window.
  • Now type sfc/scannow followed by hitting Enter.
  • The System File Checker will progress its process. As it is done, reboot your Windows Operating System and check for the error again.

Solution 4: Check for Loose Cables and Disconnected USB

If the power components and SATA cables are not properly connected, this error appears. So to fix this error, turn off your device and remove all the power cables from the wall outlet. After doing so, check whether the SATA cables are properly connected to the motherboard and hard drive or not. After firmly connecting all the cables, look for the error again.

Also make sure all the USB cables connected to PC are in right place. If not, disconnect them and replace them with new one and try to boot again.


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